Marriage Plugin


Hey guys, since i’m back from bukkiti/spigot to Sponge, i’ve noticed that there isn’t a marriage plugin that’s working on Sponge, (or i can’t find it anywhere) can any1 with some free time make one?
I’d be very greatful :slight_smile:


@iSchiffer Thanks for the request.

I’m not exactly sure what a marriage plugin is, but I’ve seen them around and I know they are important to some RPG servers / players.

Can you elaborate on specific features that you would be looking for? Thanks.


Take a look on this plugin, one exactly like that would be nice!

Like with:
/marry - Display command help
/marry - Request/accept a marriage
/marry chat - Toggle private chat
/marry gender - Set your gender
/marry gift - Gift the item you’re currently holding
/marry heal - Heal your partner with you own health
/marry sethome - Set your shared home
/marry home - Go to your shared home
/marry tp - Teleport to your partner
/marry seen - Check your partner’s last online

When a people marry another, there’s a global chat advertising like: “{Player 1} just married {Player 2}”
And there’s a cmd to check all the married people on the server


Check it when u can! Thanks.


Would probably be the first of its kind in Sponge, and variety is always welcomed. If you do end up taking this request, I’ll be following progress and reporting bugs were I find them!


Nice, i’ll be patiently waiting for any answers of the plugin when it’s ported already. Thanks to all you guys!


Any1 making it?


There’s Unity now: Unity - A marriage plugin