MineReset ⛏ Refill mines with defined blocks and percentages


This plugin only refills defined cuboids however to answer your question of if someone made their house in a refill region the house would be treated as every other part of the cuboid and be effictivly destroyed


Hi! I have two suggestions.
I installed a mod, named Minecolonies, on my server which has a function that the mod will produce NPCs to mine instead of players. Now I am a little worried that Smart fill in this plugin will kill these NPCs because they are not players. However, there is an option that NPCs can be set come back one place when it is night. So could you add an option that the plugin only works at night of MC?
Secondly, I suggest adding an option for Smart Fill that the plugin ignores the existing of torches, because actually torch is really cheap, players usually just leave them underground.


Hello. I like this plugin very much. I want to share this plugin in MCBBS. Can you agree with me?


Please make a language file.


The plugin is extremely inconvenient to configure. Make it better to create a mine in the area allocated by the worldedit plugin.


Is this plugin abandoned? there hasn’t been any response, both on here or in the discord server in some time, I had an issue with the mine’s reset timer freezing and causing errors to spam the console whenever a player comes on. It works just fine when I create the mines, but when I restart the server it causes this problem.


Any alternatives to this?


Just released an update may be handy for you.


Hi​:grin: for API7? 1.12.2 :frowning:


Yes, there is also a few cheeky new features if yoi check the changelog.


So I noticed the Mine’s only support 2 ore…is there a change for this in the future?


It actually supports as many ores as you can divide into the mine. It is based on a default or fall back block, this block is by default stone but can be chaned and acts to fill in the bits of the mine not ores. Then to add any ore (can be any block) simply stand ontop of that block and type the addore command with the desired percentage of the mine you wish this ore to occupy. Remember sum of all ores should be less then or equal to 100%.


aaaaah ok yea…i’ve done that…using 5% but it still only seems to accept two ores and then the fallback…hmm
i’ll look and see thanks


when i add a different one it overrides the second one.


I will try and have a look in a couple days, soupds like a config error


Thank you let me know. :slight_smile:


Just did some testing and can’t reproduce the bug. Are you sure you are doing everything correctly? You need to ensure your percentages don’t sum to more then 100%.

For my testing I used a simple mine called first (following my own quick start guide). I then used the following commands:

while my character was standing on iron ore (so that is the targeted block to add):
/mine addore first 15

I Then stood on coal ore:
/mine addore first 15

Next stood on gold ore:
/mine addore first 5

Finally stood on diamond ore:
/mine addore first 1

The image shows the results when filling this mine (I like to lay out my blocks floating one space apart so I am 100% sure my character is standing on them when I run the commands)


Works great on 1.12.2


I am glad this is the case. Can you then confirm in your testing / implementation that you are able to add multiple ores to a mine as @Cleardragonf has been having issues with that.


Yes. I did two days ago. Your guide

#Quick start guide