🎼 Composer v2.0.0 -- Note block music importer and player [MC1.10.2+/API5+]


This has been abandoned I suppose. It’s been way too long since a reply.


Try github. I’ve made a fork that works with api 7.


That is awesome. Do you plan on keeping this updated? Perhaps message the original dev to see if you can perhaps repost it?


Maybe. @windy what do you think?


Posting here until I get a response from windy.

v4.0.0 - Added support for SpongeAPI v7

  • Added support for SpongeAPI v7 (7.1.0)
  • Some code-cleanup.

Planned features:

  • Fixing the unknown - unknown bug.
  • Adding support for the New NBS format.
  • Open to ideas?