NanoChat - Simple local and global chat


As temporary solution, enable check-body-for-minecraft-prefix in nucleus config.(check-body-for-minecraft-prefix=true)
I just tested it and it worked perfectly.
I will test more and ask nucleus author, if it’s my fault or his.


See previous message.

UPD: Try new version(1.4), should work with UltimateChat(even in custom channels) and Nucleus.


hey. I have a suggestion. you should make it so you can edit the the prefix with the minecraft color codes other than changing the "color=green= feature. EXAMPLE: local prefix= &7[&aLocal&7]


Just use chat command to change prefix, config is only for storing data.


Are you gonna make it Compatible with Nucleus?


What does not work now?

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What is the command to change to global chat?