NT-Rpg - Plugin which brings RPG features into minecraft


Can you create default configurations for races, classes etc ?.. I need it, because hard to configure them without examples.

Sorry for my bad english.


Here is a vanilla configuration:

some things may be broken with recent updates to the code; report them there and i’ll handle them.


Thank you very much!


I would suggest you to jump on the discord server where you can already find more examples, much stable builds, and its easiest way to contact me directly, im not very active on sponge forums.


A new version has been released for NT-Rpg, it is available for download here.


  • Plugin now supports any modded inventory (eg.: baubles)

  • Plugin now supports any item from mods

  • Formated experience gain above boss bar to two decimal digits

  • Fixed and pretified some texts in inventory menus

  • Added /char list command which displays all player’s characters

  • All mob configuration was merged into one file. MobHealth.properties MobDamage.properties and MobExperiences.properties file may now be removed from the config folder

  • Mob experiences, health and damage now has to be defined per each world

  • Improved Javascript bindings

  • Added skill manashield

…And much more


  • Players now respawn with full hp
  • Fixed a bug where classes may not gain any experiences from Minning stuff
  • Fixed a check for permission node check race selection
  • Fixed a but which might cause experience loss during save operation
  • Fixed damage calculation for projectiles
  • Fixed bug related to healing spells
  • Fixed bug, where loading configuration for a skill with type of SkillItemAccess thew NPE if there item array had size of > 1
  • Fixed a bug where option PLAYER_AUTO_CHOOSE_LAST_PLAYED_CHAR was incorrectly choosing a player’s character if a player had more than one instance stored in db.
  • Fixed a bug which was causing that a player might not equip an armor piece
  • Fixed a bug where skill with damage type ice caused skilltree not displaying
  • Fixed multiple problems in skilltree views which were happening when a played tried to navigate in the skilltree by pressing up/down/right/left buttons

…And much more

The plugin requires at least SpongeForge 1.12.2-2655-7.1.0-BETA-3079 (or similar version of spongevanilla) otherwise inventories will glitch.

Thanks to @hellbringer616 There are some configuration examples now!

For any more information/or support jump on my discord server https://discord.gg/YerUbgd