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I solved the problem with ProjectWorlds.


Hi,for some reason, I want to set nether to be the birth point on my server, but when I die, I generate in the main world, what should I do?


A new version has been released for Nucleus, it is available for download here.

The Ultimate Essentials Plugin.


I’m having a couple very odd issues, which is only present when I have Nucleus installed.
For some reason with Nucleus, all mobs ignore me as if I am in creative of peaceful mode. Even when I am in survival mode and difficulty is set to 2 or 3. Even punching skeletons, zombies or creepers does not cause them to attack. If I look at Endermen, the scream and teleport to me, but then do not attack.

Sleeping also seems broken. When it’s night I can get in a bed, and the screen will dim, but then it does not change the time to day. I just stay in the bed until the sun rises at the regular rate.

These issues are only present with Nucleus installed, and I can’t find ANYTHING in the configs that would cause these issues. They are present with the default configuration and also when I disable the modules/commands I don’t want.


Are you invisible, by any chance? If for some reason you have * permissions (or the node nucleus), it will make you vanish on login.


If that’s what Inscrutable says and you have LP

add permission

"nucleus.vanish.onlogin": {
    "value": false

this will solve the problem.

But I recommend to read this


Ah, I should have mentioned I was using LuckPerms. That did the trick! Thanks so much.


I’m running into a few more issues, and I can’t find solutions in the documentation (not sure what to look for).

First is when I have Nucleus running, my character skin won’t load… I look like Alex. If I take Nucleus off it loads fine.

Second is spectator mode is no longer letting me pass through blocks and go underground.

Is this another permissions thing with LuckPerms? If so, what permissions control this? If not is it a toggle in the main.conf?



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A new version has been released for Nucleus, it is available for download here.

The Ultimate Essentials Plugin.


@Barondando Update to latest, though bear in mind you will have vanish on login enabled - you probably have * permissions and need to at least deny nucelus.vanish.onlogin.

@zsn741656478 I don’t know Chinese, but a contributor has written a translation file that I plan to add, please feel free to add comments on there if you think something could be worded better -