ObsidianBreaker - Make obsidian blocks damageable by explosions


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  • Custom blocks for mods
  • Custom block health


blocks {
    "minecraft:obsidian"=2 // Number of explosions in order to break the block

The command ‘/obsidianbreaker’ reloads the config, the permission is ‘obsidianbreaker.reload’




Are you planning on releasing the source?


Do you want it?


It’s just a question :slight_smile: Most of us release our plugin source on GitHub, there’s settings for it in the Ore page.


I know

I’ll put it on Github for the next release


A new version has been released for ObsidianBreaker, it is available for download here.

Added ‘/obsidianbreaker’ to reload the config


Could you add a durability stick?

You can with the stick right-click on the block can make and then sees how much TNT is still necessary.