[OPEN] codeHusky - Competitively Priced Husky Plugins! [Pixelmon] [Emergency Fixes]


Hey do you work on server setup with plugins?
If so I would like to run by a project i am currently struggling with.


Still open for commissions. If you have anything you need, make sure to fill out a form.


I’m pretty sure I sent you one a while back, but never received any word from you.


Oops! Must have missed it. I’ll take a look.


Commissions are open still, but I’ve opened it up to pixelmon-specific plugins. The flat-rate is mostly just because it’s a real pain to mess with the “Pixelmon API” (which is mostly just directly referencing stuff in the pixelmon mod) so it’s not just a meaningless fee. Depending on the complexity the fee is able to be altered slightly, so keep that in mind!


Still open for commissions. If you submitted a form previously and I didn’t get to you, please submit another form! I might have missed you.