PixelGenocide - Speed up your world by deleting useless pixelmon!


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This plugin helps you clean up the server a bit by removing those useless magikarp all around the world.

Of course, not only magikarp, a bunch of different pokémon, here’s a list, they’re all configurable!

  • Shinies
  • Legendaries
  • Bosses
  • Pixelmon with pokérus!
  • Pixelmon in a blacklist! Because we don’t want Zubat, even if they’re green!
  • Pixelmon not in a whitelist, for rare pixelmon, like Eevee.
  • Pixelmon near special players. (PLEASE DON’T MAKE THIS A P2W FEATURE I’M BEGGING)
  • Pixelmon with particles, adding support for entity-particles.


/pixelgenocide clean cleans all the worlds.
/pixelgenocide clean <world> cleans only the selected world.

The permissions are respectively pixelgenocide.command.cleanpixelmon and pixelgenocide.command.cleanpixelmon.<world_name>, but i’m changing them in the next version probably, i’ll do my best to let you know.


In the config you can set a lot of cool things.
As of the 1.0.3 this should be the default config, the comments are provided where the feature isn’t self-explanatory

# Whether the pixelmon should be kept.
keep {
    # Remove these pixelmon regardless their specs.
    # Keep these pixelmon regardless their specs.
    # You will need entity-particles for this to work.
    # The pixelmon will not be cleared if they're near a player with the permission 'pixelgenocide.specialplayer'. WARNING: Could cost performance.
miscellaneous {
    # How many blocks the pixelmon will not be removed within a special player. See keep.withinSpecialPlayer for more details.
    message {
        # You can use %quantity%.
        cleaned="&7%quantity% pixelmon have been cleaned."
        # You can use %timer%.
        timer="&4All non-special pixelmon will despawn in &c%timer%&4."


That’s… a name and a half.


A new version has been released for PixelGenocide, it is available for download here.

Fixed a bug that prevented “withParticles” from being read correctly.
Removed entity-particles as an hard dependency, now it also checks for the version and tells you if you’re using an untested configuration.


Can I add a clear countdown?


Well… If you know coding…
No okay, in all seriousness, I’m gonna add it to the newest release, but if you want to make sure I don’t forget about it, you should fill an issue here. :slight_smile:


Well, I submitted a question


A new version has been released for PixelGenocide, it is available for download here.

PixelGenocide v1.0.3 for Pixelmon 6.3

  • Added support for pokérus, a new value will be added to the config the first time you’ll run the server.
  • Revisioned some aspects of entity-particles and pixelmon, it should work better now, even tho it was working correctly before.


Instead of announcing that a clear will happen in 10 minutes (default), can it just announce when there’s x seconds left before it clears? Similar to how catclearlag does it. I think that would be more useful and will give the players a heads up that it will be happening shortly.


Someone already wrote that in github, i’ll do it for the next update


Just witnessed a pokemon with aura get cleared in front of me by PixelGenocide. It’s set to keep them in the config.


No one reported such behavior, and without a proper way on how to reproduce it i can’t do much