[Pixelmon] PokexpMultiplier - Set a custom experience algorithm per group/user!


Wondering if you'd be up to looking at pokecube and making plugins for that mod. Pixelmon development has sadly stopped, with a lot of updates, like releasing pixelmon to newer versions of minecraft and adding new pokemon will no longer happen, feel a lot of people will likely use pokecube.


This is really a good idea, thanks for letting me know about this mod!


All code is open source, you can find the person who makes the mod on discord. Thutmose#6875 and PokeCube discord: https://discord.gg/vQXWSP

The guy is nice, he's helpful and have had a chance to talk to him about the mod. He's always looking for help and if you have plans on developing some plugins, think it'd be best to let him know; maybe he can do something to make things easier for you.


Yes i already talked with him lmao, actually working on something for the mod itself (can say nothing since i'm not even sure i manage to do it) and then i'll start the plugins


PokexpMultiplier v1.1.4

Added PlaceholderAPI support and a cool example on how to use it.
You can find the download along with changelog here.


Ain’t Pixelmon dead now?


Technically, but i got this idea and some free time


PokexpMultiplier v1.1.5

Updated to PlaceholderAPI 4.4, Sponge 7.0.0 and Pixelmon 6.0.1.
Download it here.


Getting this error when doing /pokexp info https://pastebin.com/W47LQJKN
Also the multipliers don’t seem to be working. Gave perms for pokexpmultiplier.enable, set meta pokexp_algorithm to multiplier and pokexp_value to 2


What version of sponge and pokexp are you using? Looks like something changed and the plugin can’t get the permission’s meta


I’m on spongeforge 2800 and Pokexpmultiplier 1.1.5 (latest)


Okay, will look into that this weekend


PokexpMultiplier v1.1.6

Woops, i hadn’t really updated it with v1.1.5 lol. Now it works.
Download it here (Sponge 7.1.0).


Error when Exp. all is turned on: https://pastebin.com/dwucJ4eu


I’m really busy, i’ll take a look later this week


The error seems to also happen for pokemon with exp shares or lucky eggs on the latest versions. Any eta on the fix?


I’m currently working on pixelmonplaceholders, i’m gonna work on this one when the 1.3.0 comes out


Heya! Any news on this? Been continually getting the same issue above


I’ve pushed a fix, go take a look at the issues pages, a player said the problem is gone with the latest version of reforged


PokexpMultiplier v1.1.8

Updated to Reforged 6.3.2 (even tho nothing really needed a fix).
Fixed an issue which caused spam in the console, or, in very weird environments, experience dupe glitch.
Download it here.