PixelmonGym - PixelmonMod Gym Management [API 7 + Pixelmon 1.12]


Just tested and this works.

Paste the paste into you extras.yml.
You can see how each gym is defined. Each one has a gym and a TM in this example but can be any item you want.

Note, it randomly selects one item for now. So they would get the TM or the badge in the template given.


Thanks will not add tms just badges so it should give that every time :smiley:


In theory that should work.
Let me know if it does or not :slight_smile: Good luck.


Testing now, will update in this post
Edit: ok tested and works when done /gym givetm it sends the badge
it broke the plugin before when extras had prestige pay thing too,
removed everything and added tms so this is what it looks now and it works now

thanks, one more suggestion if possible
I noticed some commands dont have an output saying tm sent or You receieved the badge, after doing /gym win command. anyway that could be a thing? :smiley: Thanks again


I am a friend of Ashmit, and he recommended the plugin to me. So far I love it! I was going to ask for a feature but if you dont see it necessary thats totally fine. You know how we can program what pokes each leader gets? Is there a way that when the gym leader closes the gym it takes the pokes away and when they turn it on it gives the pokes back?


Hi! Thanks for the kind words, however st the moment, no.
This may be possible in the future with pixelmon integration which is almost ready.

I will keep it in my suggestions list and hopefully set that up!

Yeah Ill add that in next time to say what they were awarded.
No rush on it but is a little improvement. Thanks for the suggestion.


Awesome Thanks, will report if I find any other bugs :smiley:



Hello I must have done something wrong but am not sure. Any reason why this is happening?


nevermind I see what im doing wrong now


sorry I thought it was fixed but its not

I have beaten gym 1 and received the badge, but I cant join gym2 for whatever reason and its open and the leader is online?


If you open your badge showcase, does it show that you have won the first gym?


yes it does. But when I try /gym join gym2 it shows no output at all just a java exception in console


I know why, based on the error. Add this somewhere to your config:

gymrequire: True

Somewhere near the gymcooldown: 60.

Unfortunately the config does not automatically update when I add a new value in an update.
Let me know if you already have that, and if not then add it and let me know if it works. :slight_smile:


Worked!!! now one last issue when a player gets accepted from the que its giving them this


Just a formatting issue during the conversion from bukkit to sponge, I will fix that in the next major update. Thanks!
And glad it worked.


I am having another weird issue.
When I activate my 3rd gym it doesnt show in the right hand side for some reason and it removes the other gyms that show open as well.


Fantastic work! Thanks a lot!


Mh… I’ve made The same during The last week… X) But good Job man :wink: can i use some parts of ur plugin To upgrade mine ?
(I’ll not publish my plugin, so don’t worry about distribution )


I made this plugin back in 2013. The original idea is all mine and the people I worked with on it (servers, staff, etc) via bukkit. This is just the sponge version I finally converted.

I mean yes though my source is not public. If you know how to decompile like most programmers then sure.

On the fair use age that yes you don’t publish any of my code in your own name.
Unless you credit. I’ve got enough competition as it is with the side mods.


Ow … So I haven’t got sleep for a thing which already exist x)) I’ve never heard anything about ur plugin so that’s why i’ve made one :stuck_out_tongue:

And I can decompile but if u doesn’t want, that’s not a problem, i’ll try to Code this plugin by myself

I’ll never publish any code if i’m not the owner, a person has already done that with my code, so don’t worry : i’ll just use it. But if u want, I can add a credit with your name if i use your code.
I’ve just made it to make easy the Gym’s and c4 works only on my server. Not to publish :wink:
And for the sides mods, i’ll not create other i think, so good luck to you for your mods / plugins and thx for the response ;D

(Ps : Sorry for my bad English, i’m french ^^ )