PixelmonGym - PixelmonMod Gym Management [API 7 + Pixelmon 1.12]


The bukkit version has 20,000 downloads haha.
There is a link to it at the top of this page.

And okay! Good good.


New update out! Fixes all known issues of 1.0 and 1.1!


Thanks :smiley: Will test it out today, I use Luckperms as many other on Sponge community right now so hopefully it works with that too :slight_smile:
I did notice some formatting issues
managed to ss one of them
will port others if I find more


Thanks, Ill take a look into that format issue. Though I have not seen that before on gym closed messages. Which gym# is it set to?


Thats gym3, tho I think that happens on some other gyms too, will confirm
Also new version working great :slight_smile:

EDIT: Yeah saw it happening to gym5 as well, I think its same for all gyms


New update released: https://github.com/kayc01/PixelmonGym_Sponge/releases/tag/1.3

Quite a few new nice features!


Awesome will test it out tomorrow when updating all plugins :slight_smile:

PS:You think you can have Discord server for this Plugin? many plugins here do it, it helps with new suggestions or bug reporting quickly and if someone new is trying to use plugin and having issues etc, they can get quick support there, of course other people in chat who know bits about the plugin and can help out people who are having issues too, you can set such helpers yourself by giving them tags
maybe release Beta versions there to some people you know to test stuff out before publicly releasing it :slight_smile:
just a suggestion


Check the top of the page :stuck_out_tongue: there is a link to one I have for it! Haha see you on there


New update released! v2.0!


Ofc the author of the mod should have some creds for the job and time he/she spent doing the mod, but is this really the way to go?

if (p.getName().equals("ABkayCkay")) {
        MessageChannel.TO_ALL.send(Text.of(new Object[] { TextColors.DARK_GRAY, "[", TextColors.AQUA, this.getConfig().getString("config.title"), TextColors.DARK_GRAY, "] ", TextColors.GRAY, "The PixelmonGym Plugin Dev, ", TextColors.AQUA, TextStyles.BOLD, "ABkayCkay", TextStyles.RESET, TextColors.GRAY, " has come online!" }));
        for (final Player players : Sponge.getServer().getOnlinePlayers()) {
            players.playSound(SoundTypes.ENTITY_LIGHTNING_THUNDER, SoundCategories.AMBIENT, players.getLocation().getPosition(), 2.0, 1.0);

Is there any chance that you can make this optional in the configs?
And that also includes this in the CommandListener:

p.sendMessage(Text.of(new Object[] { TextColors.RED, "Plugin Made By ", TextColors.GOLD, “ABkayCkay” }));

For those who dont understand code:
The first piece of code: Fancy pancy text (The PixelmonGym Plugin Dev, ABkayCkay has come online!) and thundersound to everyone when ABkayCkay logs in to the server.
The second piece of text: When you see the commandlist, and other various places, it says that ABkayCkay made the plugin.

Yet again, you should get creds for the work, but for example: I cant see anything hardcoded in either forge nor sponge if a modauthor logs in.
Lovely plugin tho, keep up the good work!


That’s definitely not cool


A little too much, but pixelmon devs also have custom join messages.


lmfao the dudes been full of himself since he released that plugin a couple years ago. Acts like every other pixelmon plugin is his competition. A lot of devs ive talked to dislike him, but lets not go off topic here.


I know a lot of pixelmon devs don’t like me and the feeling is mutual.

However I only have these join messages for a bit of bragging rights. As mentioned Pixelmon devs have the exact same.

Lots of plugins do it too. I just quite like being welcomed when I join, no biggie. Do what you want with your plugin with things as harmless as a simple join message.

I also love how I include the link to my discord and sponge page for support yet that’s not picked up on.

Regardless idk why people are making a big fuss. There is only one server I join that uses the plugin so it’s just a shout out for that server.


Simply put, yes I was the first and original Gym Plugin for Pixelmon.
There was one called Pokemon Gym or something and it wasn’t used for pixelmon and nor did it have 10% of the features my plugin and Dragon’s mod has.

I have been the main Gym plugin for Pixelmon for a long time.

Without sounding cocky, I spent over a year working with servers to come up with idea’s.
Not got any idea’s elsewhere, implemented them as issues came up.

I see what you mean by saying that…

And yes its a bit of topic but it shows that its not “normal” to have this kind of code in your plugin.
But as tridaak said, the pixelmon devs has it as well. But what I’ve picked up over my time as a smalltime plugin/modmaker for just my own server, is that the pixelmon devs are a bit like ABkayCkay.
ABkayCkay has done it and also has Pixelmon, removed the sourcecode. Not sure if ABkayCkay did this in order to remove people like me that will recompile it without the code i dont like, or for some other reason that we dont know. The sourcecode that is will not work for spigot since its the bukkitcode. Its also outdated compared to the version that is available today.

To round this off:
ABkayCkay, will you update your GitHub to an updated version and/or make it possible for your community to add a enable/disable feature for selfpromoting content within the plugin?


I’m aware of the discord and sponge page as well. Dont think they are worth mention since they promote the plugin, not you as a person which I concider fair.

How come that you only can join one server with your plugin? I see quite alot of servers out there using it.


I’m only a regular on one of the servers that use it so no other servers even see it.
I mean yes in a future build I can disable it but through 20,000 downloads on bukkit this hasnt ever been brought up as an issue.

The up to date source is currently whilst I iron out bugs. If you really want to see then here: https://github/kayc01/PixelmonGym_Sponge1


Thanks you! And I really mean it!

And I think why you can have 20k downloads yet no one says anything is the lack of knowledge about coding.

Looking foward to see the release of the v2.1.
Yet again, great job on the plugin, it really is good!


Thank you. Yes you may find me “full of myself” or protective of this plugin but in the end I’m just proud of it and the time spent on it.

No one wants competition. It’s hard enough without any competition nevermind when people start making copy’s of it.


Little bugfix pushed out.

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