PixelmonGym - PixelmonMod Gym Management [API 7 + Pixelmon 1.12]


Hey, think you could make it so messages like the "Gym Leader has joined" and the "Gym opened" can be edited in the config? They are kinda plain in my opinion and I haven't seen anything about changing them. Or did I miss that part?


Is this working for latest sponge and Pixelmon?


Correct and still being used by many servers. :slight_smile:


@ABkayCkay what are e4 equivalent commands for /gym win /gym lost /gym next etc? also is there a way to add e4 badges?


The e4 commands are a little bit behind.
There is no queues etc for the E4 because of less people being ready for the E4 at one time.

If you want that though, you can use the gym commands and just name a gym like gym9: Fire_E4.
Spaces will probably cause issues with other commands so use "_".

So then you just use the gym commands and features for the E4. And no, no virtual badges for E4 either so just do the same. :slight_smile:

Hope that's ok!


New version released 2.3 which should fix the cooldowns getting stuck.

Thanks everyone.


kinda no point considering the mod has been shut down?


There’s still some servers running the mod. Guessing pixelmon plugin development will likely stop completely soon, since it is a dead mod.


probably man, but hey, never say never


The mod has stopped with progress. However there are still 100’s of servers that exist on older Pixelmon Versions.

Yes it’s a shame and will affect this plugin. But over a while I will still update this plugin for those that do until it gets minimal.


Updated to v2.4 after a long wait. 100% fixes cooldowns being stuck.
Sorry for the long delay everyone.


I think the badgecase gui name should be a bit more customizeable aswell as the join message prefix/announcement made. personally the green is hard to read and a bit ugly. as for the mod discontinuation; I will say there is still offbrand versions of pixelmon so this plugin is still essential. good work.


The GUI has a character limit and caused a lot of error’s year’s ago.
But more customizeable in what way?

Yeah I can change the join message text or add the feature for it to be changed manually.

Yeah I know, which is a good thing for now however the community obviously took a hit when the official mod was taken down.


Is a 1.12 version ever coming so that the scoreboard will work in 1.12 Pixelmon?


“Ckay - Last Sunday at 10:35 PM
Api 7 is weird. Got half way through updating it”


The new update for API 7 is out. Supporting Pixelmon 1.12!
Sorry for the delay and thanks to @poqdavid with the help whilst I’ve been super busy!

Download: https://github.com/kayc01/PixelmonGym_Sponge/releases/tag/



API 7 Fixes! https://github.com/kayc01/PixelmonGym_Sponge/releases/tag/2.7