Plugman or some other plugin manager


Hello i’d really love a plugin manager such as plugman so i can reload, enable, disable, and load up plugins without restarting the server. Thank you!


does not exist and most likely never will, here’s a discussion about it in 2014

the only thing that will ever be supported is reloading, but it is up to each plugin to implement that, see


Reloading damages servers, Last time i used it, it badely messed up world chunk generating and i had to reset the whole server


again, sponge’s reload does nothing by default
each plugin has to implement it… so if you had issues that was one of your plugins


I can see from the click counter on that link that you never actually opened it. When you run /sponge plugins reload, it just sends an event to all plugins. The plugins can do whatever they want when that event happens, but that’s all it is - an event. Plugins cannot be dynamically unloaded and loaded and reloaded at runtime.