PokeTeams - Teams plugin with Pixelmon Reforged Support


This does not seem to work on generations, is this on purpose?



Yup, as the core of reforged changed and this was mainly a reforged plugin i believe.


I’ve got Placeholder API and your team tags are enabled. i’m not sure where to put %teamname% in order for it to show up in chat.


That would depend on your chat plugin. If you user nucleus that would be setup there. If you use ultimate chat, you’d set it up in that config.

Make sure to check which one you have and see their wiki’s for more information.

If you are trying to use the team chat feature you can edit it in the poketeams configuration file


Figured it out! For people running Nucleus you need to install another plugin (Nucleus Gluon) from there you just drop the placeholder in any Nucleus configs!


Would like to request /teams (team) info/list/players or something along those lines to view what players are in a team!

Loving the plugin!

Also my changes to Language.conf don’t seem to be applying after both /sponge plugins reload and /poketeams reload
Does it require a full reboot for the changes to be applied?
No errors seem to be popping up in console.


Languages changes will need a full reboot because of their nature. Some of it changes some internal workings of the mod to better support flexibility.

And I can probably just add a hover feature per the /team list to show some info on each team


Thanks! The hover feature would be awesome!


A standalone team chat would be nice without the requirement of having to install ultimatechat plugin at the same time. Just a suggestion I’ve made a ticket on github, in case you’re ok with this.


I wouldn’t expect this for awhile. After talking to him he is backed up on commissions and other stuff for awhile.


Will look into this soon. Been meaning to get to it as my original setup changed and it would actually be much better to have my own system. Should be within a few days


Could their be prefix/suffix support with luckperms?


Nevermind, just read that I can use placeholderapi


anyway to have people join random teams if they don’t pick a team?


That is pointless to add or even have lol


You can probably set that up your end as I have commands in the admin category that sets a player’s team. Could even use my RandomCommands plugin


is there a way to set a queue but also set rules?


Hi! The plugin seems great but I noticed some features that would benefit from being changed:
-The team member limit at 20 is a bit small
-Theres no option to ally between teams
-The team roster is hard on the eye
-Theres no way to get an online members list
-Theres no clan prefixes showing in chat
-The team chat should have a toggling option instead of having to write the command all the time
-There should be a better way to show the team ranks
-Also, I think the bank is a great idea but it would need to be better used. It could be used as a common bank where all players can pool money and some ranked members of the team can have access to that money? Not sure but I see great potential there not being used with only the taxation system.

I’m only here to give you honest criticism of my experience with the plugin, I hope it helped.



A lot of what you listed is already implemented. You can change the team limit in config. The tags/names of teams are placeholders that are listed on ore and my github wiki or if you mean for the teams chat you can modify that in the config. The teams chat does have a toggle command. its listed in the help as just /teams chat instead of /teams chat .

In the next few updates I am looking to add some cosmetic features so maybe that can be slightly modified.


Glad you’re open for suggestions! :smiley:

Similar to the clan name character limit, I think there should be a clan tag character limit in the config as well. Wouldn’t want people to set clan tags as long as their clan name. A color limit would be nice too, like /clan tagcolor red or something. I see a big potential in players putting multiple colors in the tag which would be an eyesore if the chat is filled with it.