Prism Official Thread - v3.0 Beta


Great news! I'm sure @Inscrutable will have a use for it on the SCS servers.


Does the current beta log block actions? I need a plugin that just logs block actions so I can see who did what.


Yes, that's what Prism is for.


Ok i think i'll try it.


Hi @viveleroi ! :slightly_smiling: I really like your plugin, it is awesome work.

Today I get a crash which seems to be linked to your mod. Watch below:


Unfortunately the error doesn't give me much to go on, I haven't seen any other instances of this, it's hard to know if this is something Prism caused or an error that happened down the line. If you have any other information and find a way to reproduce it, let me know.


OKay! :slightly_smiling: I'll try if it's possible.


You're using the 1.8 version of SpongeForge which is no longer supported and will definitely cause issues. You need to use the latest 1.8.9 build and everything should work fine.


The prism database consumes quiet a bit of space, but it compresses very very well. Just wondering if it could be saved compressed? If it can then I think it would be a great feature to add to the plugin.


Vivelroi, having a bit of trouble getting prism running with mongo. Not entirely sure I'm getting the config file right. Can you point to a cfg set up for mongo, pehaps? thx.


Prism uses default Mongo settings to start, o your configuration file is a good example after first run. If you still have trouble come to IRC and your config.


Hi guys, which build of Prism would be best for MC1.7.10?


Sponge isn't available for MC 1.7. You'd need to use an old spigot/prism combo.


New to this - Prism has been tested for which SpongeForge version of 1.8.9? And, unsure if this is the case, but Prism does count in area rollbacking and excluding from it specified players yes?


This plugin needs to be updated to the new spong builds. Rollback, restore, and the lookup tool doesn't work currently.

Edit: I was able to get the rollback/restore and the info tool working on my server, I submitted a PR with the change.


What are the perm nodes for things like /pr lookup ?


Do we have any permissions nodes?


prism.lookup - Can query records (via lookup or near).
prism.rollback - Can perform a rollback.
prism.override.radius - Can exceed the maximum radius in the config.


I've been using Prism on my server for a couple of months now but I still haven't been able to figure out how to see who opened a chest. That would be really helpful so I could stop making players put blocks above their chests.


Also, is there a way to see a list of coordinates for all of a certain type of block that a player has placed. I just banned a hacker/griefer and he told me that the valuables that he stole are in secret bases scattered throughout the world.