Prism Official Thread - v3.0 Beta


You could do it with this command, you can then click on the individual lines to teleport to the location of the edit. Although this may return "A LOT" of records depending on how much stuff the player has on the server.
/pr l p:playername b:minecraft:glowstone r:1000 t:2d -ex


Welp, hit the edit button by mistake and it won't let me fix it because it's "too similar." I hate phones.


Well there's a bug on the block parameter on the official build of the plugin, you can only look up block id's that don't have underscores in them. I have a fix for it uploaded to my fork, but the PR for it hasn't been accepted yet. You could try to compile the plugin from my fork, if you want(if you can.). The PR includes a fix for rollbacks/restores(due to an issue with record order when getting the records from the db.), and changes the default order to be newest records first in -ex and -no-group(-ng) and lookup tool lookups.(Although for /pr l lookups, you can use the flag: -old,or -oldest, to get the old sorting order by oldest records first.)
The PR:


Well I hope he put all his stuff in chests instead of placing diamond_blocks.


I ran the command "/pr l p: b:minecraft:chest t:1000d" on the console and "/pr l p: b:minecraft:chest r:9999 t:1000d" in game and both times it said " placed chest x6". When I clicked on it, nothing happened. How do I see what the coordinates of the chests are?


Use the -ex flag, that will show the individual records. The click to teleport will only work in a lookup if either the no group or extended flags are used on the command.


Is it possible to track changes in inventories like chests?


Currently not possible unfortunately


I can't seem to find the command to rollback creeper explosions. I can see that it happens when I lookup but that shows everything. How do I just rollback creeper explosions? There isn't much documentation about the parameters to use.

Actually I cant get any rollback command to work. I tried

/pr rb since:15m

and it just gives me:

Prism // Querying records...
Prism // Defaults used: r:5

I was right next to the creeper explosion and it did occur in that time frame.

How does this work?


the sire in the description up there that leads to "discover prism" leads to a site that is filled with spam and tries to download a virus. This sketchy plugin should be taken down


From the looks of it, that's an outdated link to a site that no longer exists. Not entirely the authors fault, although the link could be removed. The plugin itself is fine


When the website for the plugin tries to give me a virus, doesn't exactly make me trust the plugin either. I'll pass on this one


It was supposed to be .com, not .org. No one ever told me this was incorrect. I've fixed it.

I LOLed at "sketchy plugin". What a load of crap.


I went to it without issue. It's just a generic domain page.


lol at sketchy plugin, i could tel from the start that this was the prism i knew and loved back in the bukkit days. it saved a lot of hassle in rolling back and tracking.

I have had issues with rollbacks recently though. on sponge. i also wonder what ever happened to the web front end for this?



Well yeah, but they're both MySQL based for v1 and v2. also they redirect to an access denied page on an AWS service lol.


Guess I'll bump this - still not sure the correct usage.


Can you add support for Chest lookups and rollback of contents?


Sponge do not supports yet manipulations of inventories, we have to wait