Prism Official Thread - v3.0 Beta


Why is Prism 3.0 currently not on

Where is the right place to send crash reports? on git, here, or somewhere else?



is it possible to see the time of an event, when looking up an area by radius.

I just find out, that I can see the time of an event, when I click on a changed block with the wand.

It would be awesome, if I also could see a list of events with time when I check out a radius around me.

Thanks for support


You can, only when results aren't grouped. You can use the --no-group flag.


GitHub issues. Last I heard Ore wasn't ready for production but maybe it is now? I'll wait for confirmation.


I have no Idea how I was not able to realize this flag.

Thanks a lot for the fast help


Ore is ready for production since few weeks.


for some reason perm nodes of this plugin dont seem to work. Using Luckperms. just says no permission even though the rank does have the nodes listed.


Hey guys,

I have two other questions. Is it possible to log the event, when an anvil gets broken, after using it?

And what is your time schedule for logging interactions with items like removing and putting them into chests, because this would be an awesome function and very useful.

Never the less, thanks for this awesome plugin.


When logging to a mysql database. It is possible to have it record the actual player name instead of blob or null?


A bug was found that was affecting all child nodes. It'll be fixed next build but you can easily add that to your perm system.


We're storing a player's UUID which is not a blob. Names won't be stored because they can change now, the UUID allows us to always associate actions with a player regardless of what name they have. Outside of Prism you can use the cache files to lookup UUIDs or even use Mojang's API.


looks like it does not records time info for now
dose not show any time info


Was also wondering this, the time stamp is an essential tool for confirming who did what where and how, it's also essential for using any rollback commands.

Any news to when it will be implemented/updated?


Timestamps are shown for individual records, so you need to use --no-group


I guess there is no chance of having the time stamp show in normal prism searches like it used to be?


No because those records are grouped. Prism 2 violated standard DB practices by showing timestamps for grouped data which MySQL doesn't allow in strict mode.


Ahh I see now

/prism near is more like a summary
/prism l r:5 -no-group is like the old /prism near


Is it possible to add a cleanup command? My database has grown to over 35GB..


Mine got to 70gb and then it started crashing my server. Had to delete it. There is a time based purge but it doesn't seem to work.

The devs are also inactive.


At this point, if you ABSOLUTELY need prism, it would be easier to submit a plugin request for someone to make a DB cleanup plugin that can point to this exact DB and clean it up over time.