Problem with Spongeforge and Plugins


So I followed the instructions to install spongeforge for Linux and have sponge compatible plugins from Ore. When I place them in the mods folder they do not load properly, same happens with a plugins folder, although it doesn’t seem to recognize a plugins folder even though I have the plugin-dir line set up to go there. I have no mods loaded at the moment.

Forge Log with plugins in created plugins folder.

Forge log with plugins in mods folder.

Thanks in advance.

*edit Just got somewhat of an error message that isn’t on the forge logs.
[23:03:16] [Server thread/INFO] [FML]: FML has found a non-mod file Nucleus-1.2.2-S7.0-MC1.12.2-plugin.jar in your mods directory. It will now be injected into your classpath. This could severe stability issues, it should be removed if possible.


In sponge there is no plugins folder. Your mods and plugins both go into mods.

The error your seeing is that forge has found the plugin nucleus but not found sponge to load it in.

I am not seeing the “done” tag in your server log (with plugins in mods folder) could you please give us the whole log.


Couldn’t post three logs in the op, sorry!

Last Log

*edit I just realized I delete spongeforge from my mods folder somehow.

**edit Thanks for your help, the problem has been solved.


If you prefer having a plugins folder you can edit this in the Sponge configuration global.conf FYI.

Change plugins-dir="${CANONICAL_MODS_DIR}/plugins" to plugins-dir="${CANONICAL_GAME_DIR}/plugins"


Yeah I realized that today also. The only issue I’m having now is the server freezing consistently but all the plugins and mods are working as they should. (I think)