ProjectWorlds - Multi world management plugin


Will there be new versions? On 1.12.2 or newer


Is there any way to get some of the old releases? I am still on 1.10.2 and i would hate to update all of it :frowning:


I was trying to sort figure out how to use the mod and was doing some test worlds. All the worlds that I was creating had light levels that were really washed out. Like the contrast was so bright that I could not see. I tried turning down the brightness in the video controls but it did not make any difference. Any idea what might be going on or what I might have done wrong?

I believe the command I executed was:
/world create Test -d minecraft:overworld -g biomesoplenty:b_i_o_m_e_s_o_p

Other than the washed out lighting it seemed to work as I spawned in a seasonal forest. Any help would be appreciated.