[REQ] Casino Plugin

Running X command would be AMAZING, it would allow server owners to do anything with it, you could even set it to win stuff like access to commands and stuff like that.

Just a quick status update.
For the 100th commit to XtraCore, I’ve split the project between API and implementation, XtraAPI and XtraCore respectively. You can find the commit here (warning, it’s a bit large). Cleanup and a few adjustments are still needed and will shortly follow. Developers are welcomed to poke either project and provide feedback. :slight_smile:

On the matter of XtraCasino, the project has been pushed back a bit for 5.0, as I’d like schematics to be in for the plugin to function fully. However, this gives me time to develop XtraAPI/XtraCore and have a release prepared alongside the release of XtraCasino. :wink:

Was this plugin ever finished? Can someone please give updates on it.

You could, ya know, read what I last posted:

I did in fact read your last post. I read the whole entire thread. I was simply asking A question since it has been almost 30 days since there was an update. I didn’t need that under lying sass.

There’s nothing to really give an update on, other than “5.0 hasn’t been released yet, so the plugin hasn’t been released yet”, so I’m not sure what kind of update you’re expecting.

So of course when you ask “Was this plugin ever finished?”, you’re going to get

when it was already mentioned that the project was going to be pushed back.

Basically what I was getting at was the project abandoned or was it still being worked on. You could have simpley said, “No this plugin has not been released yet but I am still working on it. I have pushed it back some to work on other things.”

Anyway I’m not going to make more replies on this subject as its not serving any real purpose. You already have your answer, the project has not been abandoned and has simply been pushed back for 5.0.

I know you’re pretty busy, wasn’t sure if you ever decided to take up this plugin again or is it on hold for all of eternity? :stuck_out_tongue:

@VinceOrlando The reason there hasn’t been much progress on this is because a while ago I stepped away from the Sponge project to work on personal things (last commit to this project was in July, ouch). I’m hoping to step back in and get to work on this sometime soon though.

@me4502 made a nice slot machine plugin for the meantime. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh thats alright. Completely understand that. Well, hope to see some updates in the future :slight_smile:

That plugin is quite faulty and has no true way of linking the slot machines to the server balance instead of the machine creator’s balance.

any hope of this project being revived? do you know any other ones that have been created in the mean time