Runt's Ground Needs ideas and help!


hello Hhrunting here I have ran a few servers in the past, and even moderated for Dr.Zharks official mo’creatures server for quite a while. at one point I built a large scale server entirely by myself. I have learned many things from my time in minecraft, and one thing is I cannot do it alone [I tried it was rough]! it takes a lot of time and effort that is always better shared with other growing as a community and developing into a great server! now I have a other things to do in life other then spend countless hours on minecraft unfortunately so I need help with management, a good administrative team, ideas, builders, and community! with the many changes minecraft has seen from bukkit/MCPC+/cauldron/spoge/ect I need it more so then ever! I am in full support of seeing Sponge grow and become larger then bukkit/MCPc ever was! however at the time its still young and changing rapidly with very little content, and many more bugs! so runt’s Ground will do whatever it can to help support the entire community by means of testing and relaying important information to whome it may concern. while still keeping a enjoyable, relaxing, and fun playable minecraft server.

what I’m asking for is Builders, Moderators, Idealists, Bug Testers, and more! anything you can offer to the runt’s Ground future development, and even the development of Sponge through communications! I currently have started some base building and such working into further development. I have mix and matched a bunch of plugins across the sponge GitHub, and ore depositories! from API4-7 getting rid of any non working plugins I can find on top of multiple forge mods! so far this has gone quite well! very few plugins/mods had to be removed from my original list, and I can relay this and further info about these plugins as I learn and develop the server more to anyone who need it!

the server is going to be based on a MMO RPG style of gameplay! with lore and stories that everyone can enjoy! questing, factions, towns, cities, npcs, monsters, dungeons, PHAT loots, and much more is set in plan so far! if you are interested in helping develop Runt’s Ground please contact me! as it stands I have nothing to offer you in form of commission, but who knows what the future might bring!

thank you for reading! sincerely Hhrunting!


I would be interested in knowing what you need that isn’t working.


Hello ryantheleach! currently I have run into minor bugs, and issues and have been able to resolve most of the issues myself.

I did have many errors for the plugin AdventureMMO-v2.0.7-API6.x not able too pass multiple events and spamming error codes upon trying to level any of the default skills, and it is one that has been removed from my list which is always a bummer! especially as it is a plugin I feel a rpg relies on!

I also ran into an issue with Grief Prevention 1.12.1- where I had created a basic claim and could not delete it by any normal means, I had to hard flush the configs and reset the server, but it did fix and delete the claim I have not been able to recreate this issue since(EDIT: I found the issue for GP claim I had given myself the GP wildcard…heh mistakes were made).

Also I should state I am running latest SpongeForge 1.12.2 build spongeforge-1.12.2-2503-7.0.0-BETA-2714 on MC 1.12.2 with forge build forge-1.12.2- (EDIT: sorry for not clarifying as too what directly I need help with, i needed rest!

ideas, plugins, support, staff/testers!

I could really use someone with knowledge of setting up NT-RPG/skills I had made a decent sized Races & classes YAML back in the day and it looks fairly similar but I will be more focused on stabilization, and smooth environment for a while. Also please feel free to remove this post if you feel its in the wrong I’ll have no quarrels, and it has been quite some time since I’ve dabbled in forums so I do apologize if this is seen as a filthy dirty post! ik it is quite long D:)


I would also like to say yes in fully understand I will run into many bugs, and issues along the way especially starting up with experimental builds, and mixing/matching API’s with my plugin list! I accept the challenge! as a means to help all other server devs out there here is my list of so far working and compatible mods/plugins


Playing Minecraft for six years, owned several servers and have experience(5 years) in modding with Forge.

Would love to take a look at it and maybe even help(no guarantee for continuos help since i need to work).

Add me on Discord(Dragonisser#8785) or Steam(Dragonisser).