Scoreboard problems


Hi everybody,

I have a problem on my server. Since 3 weeks the scoreboard won't be saved during a restart.
When I change something in a scoreboard the data/scoreboard save it probably and you can see a recent change, but after a restart the scoreboard is the same as before the change, but the data/scoreboard still display me as recent change, the change i did in game.
I have no idea from where the server gets the old scoreboard data to load after a restart.
Any advice would be a great help.



Can you upload your latest.log and fml-server-latest.log after you modify the scoreboard?


I was not able to upload it directly, so I put it on dropbox. Here are the links:



I added 200 on my scoreboard. So it changed to 2860 after the restart my score was 2660 again.


I have the same problem <___<


I believe that this is fixed in the latest builds


the main problem was fixed in the last build, but now I Have another problem.

when I try an Command to check the score with a JSON-text, I got no results.

Command: /tellraw @p[x=-253,y=52,z=-66] [{“text”:“01: aljac2013: “,“color”:“dark_green”},{“score”:{“name”:“aljac2013”,“objective”:“CrafterCoins”}},{“text”:” CC”}]


I tried the Command in Singleplayer, which worked perfect, so I guess its a problem with Sponge.



we still have the same problem as aljac2013.
Is there anybody who solved it?
Our Sponge version: 1.11.2-2476-6.1.0-BETA-2792
Forge Version:




Can you open an issue at ?