Send message as the server?


i wonder is there a way to send a message as the server?

for example:

server -> /msg Hello

i tought i did see it somewhere but i cant find it anymore :confused:



i mean lol isn’t there some sort off command like /broadcast i remember craftbukkit had a way to send messages as the server like /broadcast but then not /broadcast but something like /server /msg @p hi

(i am not producing a plugin since my java knowledge is trash) lol


There’s a lot of pugins which can do this. Any essentials type plugin has a broadcast command.


yeah but i am looking for a specific way to just send /msg hi as the server /broadcast is there to send a message to the whole server while i am looking for a way to send a message as the server to 1 specific user that right clicks a sign for example


If you’re not want to download a plugin to accomplish what you wanna do, you’re limited to these commands:
You can do /tellraw @a {“text”:"[Server] Hi"} or /tellraw playername {“text”:"[Server] Hi"}


this is what i get with the first command

same error for command 2

seems like there is a error in the quotes


The command works when i just use it in chat till i add it to CommandSigns from Hassan


Problem with command signs then, ask Hassan on how to add quotes to his commands.


will do :slight_smile:


Also /say <msg> works,


tried that on the sign tho but still no progress


Hey @Skrill_Craft

Try this, I have worked with command signs for a little while now and found a way to make the sign message the player do the following command

/commandsign setcommandsign false msg @p

and then right click a sign and it will bind it to the sign. The false in the middle is saying if you want the sign to be a one time use or not (for message signs I prompt for multi-use) The @p is telling the sign to include the username of which ever player interacted with the sign and of course is where you would put the message you would like the server to message the user.

Hope this helps you out :smiley:

Yours Truly


allready found it :slight_smile: when using @HassanS6000’s commandsigns plugins you just have to type

/commandsign setcommand say @p hello