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I no longer can click on a list of claims to teleport to them


Your plugin cannot protect a world entire ?
Thanks !


You know that is far from the truth right?
Thats the earliest version pixelmon can use, you can always update to the latest 1.8.9 forge version. Don't know why people think they need to stay only at that version.


Cant use /rp flag deny-cmds with any command added at all
Just keeps saying Usage: /rp flag deny-cmds


What version of RedProtect and Sponge? Have you checked your configs if the hover and click to tp is enabled?

Yes, can. What you mean with "Entire world"?

Are you using /rp deny-cmds cmd: arg: (arg optional)? Maybe the lang file is outdated and shows the old flag command format.


Nope was just trying something like
/rp deny-cmds claim,back

smething like that.


Add cmd: or arg:. Now this flag support deny commands and argumments. Then your flag will be like:

/rp flag deny-cmds cmd:claim, cmd:back

The argumment support is for commands like this:

/rp flag deny-cmds cmd:tpa arg:FabioZumbi12

This will deny the tpa command only if the argumment is FabioZumbi12 :wink:


Hi again i explain what i want exactly :

I want to claim ALL the region in world (like worlguard "global region" ) and in this region user quand claim and build only in their claim.

You think its possible ?
If you dont understand say me ! ^^


Oh i mean, like the global of WorldGuard?

If i mean what you need, with Redprotect you dont need to create a global region, you can change the global settings on globalflags.conf(inside redprotect conf folder) for each world. In other words, like global region from worldguard.

But, if you mean dont allow players to build on wirlderness and only inside specific region, this will be implemented like some suggestions on redProtect's GitHub.


So i can set config to :
Deny player to build /break / use (etc flags) in the world AND if player have "claim" he can do everything in ?


I tried to do:
/rp flag deny-cmds cmd:polis arg:claim to prevent claiming in a region but it doesn't seem to block it


its /rp flag deny-cmds cmd:polisclaimcommandhere arg:true


Yes, if you give the claim permissions the player cant place any blocks, but can claim a region with wand tool and /rp claim command!


Hello, i dont understand 1 thing, what is the difference between /rp claim and / rp define region ? thanks !


define is an admin claim :slight_smile:


"claim" protect a region with you as owner and "define" protect a region with #server# as owner and hiding the welcome message.


okay and another question very important :
in config i have this line :
if-build-false {

can we add "interact-block=[] ?"

thanks ! @FabioZumbi12


Hello,I like this plugin, and wanna provide a lang file about chinese.
What way should I send the file to you?


I did:
/rp flag deny-cmds cmd:polis claim arg:true


/rp flag deny-cmds cmd:/polis claim arg:true

still didn't work


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