🛡 [Anti-Grief|General Protection] RedProtect Universal (All APIs Compatible)


Economy support uses the Sponge economy API, and not specific plugin API. Are you having erros when try to use economy?


I had a look of incomprehension at economy.conf.:sweat:


Sorry, didn't find how to protect itemframe from bow damage in my region. Using RedProtect-Sponge-7.0.0-b3.jar.


Add this flag on config.conf on "enabled-flags" and add default values (if not). For sponge some flags dont work because API implementations. I think iceform dont work (i dont remember), but you can try.

ALready protect on API 6 usinf 1.10... i dont know if still work on 1.8.9 (didnt tested). And check if other players can break too, because if you have "*" or all permissions, you can bypass all protections.


today, i try to ask my friend to hit itemframe (with item) with the bow in my private area. I didn't add my friend to members and he just hit with bow mine itemframe and take item from it. I play on 1.10.2 maybe i just didn't on flag ? but i didn't seen anythink about this in flag gui.Mine Sponge forge 5.10 (1.10) not 6.x (1.11). And this plugin much better than others protect plugin, thanks a lot about it.Just need to fix itemframe shop




And how is here, on config.conf?


Yes,on config.conf

So...I should ?


Hi! I'm new here, so maybe i just missed some info. Why /rp wand command don't work (permissions redprotect.user are set, and for user that i'm using also redprotect.admin)? It says it's wrong command. Also where i can find some information about mysql setup? In my case i can't start RedProtect with MySQL because of this error:
[Server thread/INFO]: Redprotect: [Couldn't find the driver for MySQL! com.mysql.jdbc.Driver.]

And some more questions:
Is support for Dynmap-Forge possible and if so planned?
WorldEdit is also here, on Sponge. Will there be support for WE in sponge version?


Don't use Mysql now. I rewriting the mysql for SPonge version to be the same on Bukkit version. You will can convert from flat file to Mysql with the new version.

Support for other mods soon :wink:


Thank you for quick reply. Will wait for MySQL version) But what about /rp wand command? Can't make it work.
Also will there be aviable /rp start command? Or, maybe, it's WE-dependent?
Sorry for my bad English


Give the permission redprotect.own.claim to allow player to claim regions, and give redprotect.magicwand to allow use wand tool.

With next update will not need the permissions...


I can't make enderchest accesable for all players in my spawn region. I have created a claim around the spawn and put the chest use in /rp flag on true

Please help!


Tryed to set the flag "ender-chest" to "true"?


Is the spawn-protection=16 set to 0 in your server.properties file?


I have protected my spawn area where i have pixelmon shopkeepers and now you cant use the shopkeepers.


Enable the flag "allow-mod" or the flag to interact with passives (use /rp flag and find the flag)


Ahhh thanks but now if i toss out my pokemon in a protected area it will vanish and i cant get it back without a server restart.


Thanks for the enderchest fix! I just had to put my spawnprotection on 0 :slight_smile: Players are unable to use NPCS and I cant find the "allow-mod" in /rp flag :frowning:


The command /rp flag only show the player flags. I mentioned this to you set the "interact" flag for npcs. "allow-mod" is available only from command /rp flag allow-mod true