:shipit: SeriousVote 4.8.4 ―Your one stop Votifier Listener API 5/6/7


It's being hosted on my PC but the domain is being hosted off noip


I'd consider making sure everything has the correct permissions when running to access the files it needs. If you're running Windows try running the bungee server in administrative mode


When switching the servers to administrator got a bunch of different problems (Was able to fix a few issues with things like "%~dp0" to fix "unable to access jar files" But after that I got another issue where the bungeecord will launch fine in administrator but any of the other servers will fail at launch either still saying unable to access jar files or saying game failed in a start stage (https://gyazo.com/5dc0bebb116b902ef3b2fa68e6259074). And when I just let Bungeecord run in admin and the rest in normal they wont handshake with the bungee. So not really sure what to do or what is causing this. any ideas on what may cause this or what to try next?


Run them all as admin, and make sure that the EULA is set to true. It's important that all the servers have the same privilege levels, make sure that internally your firewall is not blocking those ports. If you can, don't run them on windows.


A version will be coming out soon with just number of votes for milestones.


Great. We're looking forward to it!


For this are we able to add two commands that execute for the random?


These servers have been running fine before I tried running in Admin and yes EULA was set to true on all the servers, or else they wouldn't have been working in the first place xD, though didn't see the error line related to EULA in the screenshot.. hmm So while running the server in Administrator it is unable to read the EULA text file or maybe can't even read the servers folder? Which is weird since administrator should have given it a higher access level not a lower one? As for not running the server on windows, we are in the process of getting our own server rig built at the moment so we are currently stuck running it on a windows PC, We would really like to get voting to work before we launch :confused:


Anyone able to offer insight into why this vote config isn't working? :confused:

Even copying and pasting the default one generates the same message:
Could not reload properly :frowning: did you break your config?

broadcast-message: "You voted!"
random-rewards-number: -1
"180", "1 Gunpowder", "give {player} minecraft:gunpowder 1",
"200", "1 Arrow", "give {player} minecraft:arrow 1"
"adminpay {player} 250",
"pbc &c{player} &ereceived &c250 beli &eand &c{rewards} &efor voting!"
hostname: "localhost"
port: "3306"
name: "SeriousVote"
prefix: "SV_"
username: "root"
password: "Hello I need a pasword Noob "

milestones: {
  weekly: {
      "say This is a set weekly {player} Reward"
  monthly: {
      "say This is a set Monthly {player} Reward",
      "acb {player} bananaphone"
  yearly: {
      "say This is a set Yearly {player} Reward",
      "say Crap, you must play alot"



Can't see the issue just looking at it like that, suggest deleting your config, and restarting the server so a new configuration loads up, and change the variables from there.
Alternatively, copy your config onto pastebin or something where it keeps spacing so it's easier to read and make sure there's no problems there.


There's an issue somewhere in the execution of the reload command I think.

Server up, brand new generated config in place. Copy it out and paste it back in and get the cannot reload message :confused:

Figured it out.
Can't use question marks in the lore u.u Silly moi.


Anyone able to suggest why this command string breaks the config?
give {player} minecraft:tipped_arrow 5 0 {Potion:"minecraft:strong_harming"}


The answer is due to the unescaped " in the string.

Solution = give {player} minecraft:tipped_arrow 5 0 {Potion:\"minecraft:strong_harming\"}


Maybe works the same as this (from command kits).
If that isn't working, a temporary way to go around it would be making a kit with nucleus, that gives that item, then "kit give {player}". Or using aliases to give the item.
Both involve using another plugin to give the item, and using seriousvote to run a command for said plugin.


Under the random reward section, is it possible to run two commands under the same reward, like 1 in 100 chance of getting an item and if they get it they would receive the item and the server would broadcast that they got the item.


Have been waiting way too long for such a simple release. Update please.


A lot of plugins have slowed down with their updates. Think it's attributed to different events and whatnot.
In North America, many colleges/universities are currently in their exam period (or have recently passed it); many things can stop an individual from updating their plugins.

My guess is that things will pick up in about a month when summer break starts.

And plugin devs aren't obligated to update their own plugins :confused: You're not paying them for their service.


You're right of course. Didn't think of the bigger picture. Thanks for your reply.


For the "random rewards", is there a way we could have non-integar numbers? Our server has 5 sites you can vote on, so even setting an amazing item at 1% means they have a 5% chance every day, which is quite high if they vote daily. Setting thigns at .1% and even .01% would make voting balance out better for the more amazing items.


It isn't a percentage chance. It's a weighted ratio.
You can just up the integers to create equivalents for double or even triple percent chances.


How do you make it so the random lines run multiple commands?