:shipit: SeriousVote 4.8.4 ―Your one stop Votifier Listener API 5/6/7


Thank you for that explanation, I was assuming that was how it worked, but I wanted to verify.


SeriousVote 4.4

-New /checkvote command - adds ability for admins to check their players vote records
-Added vote record information to the bottom of /vote
-Fixed database not properly reloading on /svreload
-Fixed offline votes not substituting the {rewards} variable when the public message was broadcasted

:octocat: Download 4.4 - Latest Stable


Would updating from 3.2 bleeding have any side effects (like the loss of offline votes stored due to the new stuff, etc)? Does the new config autoupdate when I also update or do I have to do that manually?


Offline votes will be fine, and the database will be fine. You will have to manually update the new config.


Due to the fact that the NuVotifier Dev is currently not working on his project I’ve decided to release my custom version, as well as a version that works for API-7.

Serious-Nuvotifer (Unofficial)
Allows for the use of /nvreload, You no longer need to restart your server Server to make changes. (Should also work for bungee and bukkit/spigot)
Serious-Nuvotifer API-7 (Unofficial)
Same as the previous except works on API-7

(For SV)
I am also making a couple changes to the Database code, and will release an update this week which should deal with some mySQL connection issues some users might have experienced.
-Unofficial 4.5 released in the Discord for this.

[TEMP] NuVotifier for API7 (1.12.1+)
[TEMP] NuVotifier for API7 (1.12.1+)

As per the license of the project you forked, I am requesting the source.



Sorry for not explaining, it’s this that I was interested in.

My understanding is those changes have not yet been published?



I love the milestone feature you have added; but i was wondering if you have a command that can reset votecount rather then going into the database and manually editing it. I basically want to create a loop here where once they hit 100votes or something It resets them back to 0 and it continues from there rather then having a million different milestones and constantly having to add more once someone reaches the cap.


Thanks for your reply, Id be interesting in figuring out a solution. Could you make an issue on GitHub please.



sadly it didnt work

same error with both of your plugins



That’s really weird, that issue shouldn’t be popping up at all since named cause isn’t use. I’ll make sure I uploaded the right version… actually the same error both times so…
Actually you didn’t use API7
serious-nuvotifier-universal-2.3.5.jar appears in both logs that you provided


correct i derped up sorry for that <3


No worries, it happens


I have 3 broadcast messages that I need to run in-order, sometimes it does not do that, is it possible for the set to enforce the commands to run in order?


If you put all 3 in set in order, they should be added to processing queue in order


I have 3 broadcasts in the set, but sometimes they are executed out of order, using the Nucleus /plainbroadcast


Does it happen when multiple people are voting at the same time?


No, it happens if I do /givevote and no one else was voting