:shipit: SeriousVote 4.8.4 ―Your one stop Votifier Listener API 5/6/7



It is a seeming curiosity :stuck_out_tongue:


No worries, and I'm sorry you are experiencing this issue.
try using this.

let me know if you experience the same issue in this version


At the very least /vote displays the default config.

Seems this one is a winner.


alright that's an older build (not too old it has offline players), you might notice a few bugs in the random rewards, as soon as I'm done with milestone rewards V 3.0 will be out with all the fixes.


Danke cursc ^_^


noticed that there's a comma after reward 6 :?

Ohh alright thanks, when I read that before I was under the impression that it'd be duplicate items.


Latest working version, it fixes those issues, and has all the previous fixes.


What's different between 2.9.8 and 2.9.5?
Just bug fixes? Have any features you were planning to add since 2.9 been added yet?


Will this work in conjunction with Enjin? As in, I could have voting links using the Enjin Module, but rewards are distributed through this plugin?


Yeah it works with the enjin votifier module. You are free to use the plugin how ever it fits your needs :slight_smile:


If you are doing milestones for players, could u consider add a Server milestone?


Are milestones gonna be added to a mysql database?


If you can explain this concept more I will consider it.


Yes they are, there might be sqlite support but most likely just mysql


this gets thrown in the console alot, also if players vote to quickly they aren't always given the reward.


Are you running pixelmon?
And I fix that in the next version.


yes im using pixelmon.
and to go off what others suggested above a few lines:

also to go on the server milestone; personally i would love to have something where the server hits 25votes and it run a command for the entire server. me personally it would be adding a global multiplier for poke exp for x amount of time (i believe people are looking at the concept "Vote Party" for this


i'll consider it, this feature would take some thinking because of the fact that the number of players changes, what time frame the votes have to be cast in also matters etc... Pixelmon servers see that error alot and it's only pixelmon servers as far as I've been informed the issue is being worked on.


Serious Vote Dev 3.0

This is an unfinished dev version.

Try this one and let me know how it turns out for you. It should fix your players not getting their things, unless it's because of that issue i've only seen on pixelmon servers.


SeriousVote 3.0 -

Watch Out Guys it's a big one


Bored of your normal voting? Cut the silence and motivate your players to vote more by setting up the milestone rewards! Milestones are like dailies for your addicting heroine-like server rather than some terribly overrated life-sucking MMO. How could Blizzard ever compete with you?

-Fixed issues with async and rewards getting lost.
-Added Milestone Rewards
- Confirmation on /svreload
-Added ability to disable milestones by setting hostname to "" or removing it completely from the config.
-mysql support
-Fixed Metrics
-Fixed some other various bugs

Added two new nodes to the config
Your current config will work, but if you want to use milestones you will have to add these two nodes to your config. They should be self-explanatory. New installs will have the whole config generated.

  #// If you want to disable the Milestones module set hostname to ""
      hostname: "localhost"
      port: "3306"
      name: "SeriousVote"
      prefix: "SV_"
      username: "root"
      password: "Hello I need a pasword Noob "

  #// Currently we have monthly weekly and yearly, put what you need in the set rewards. these commands will be run
  #// When a player votes X amount of days in a row, 365,30, 7
    milestones: {
      weekly: {
          "say This is a set weekly {player} Reward",
      monthly: {
          "say This is a set Monthly {player} Reward",
          "acb {player} bananaphone"
      yearly: {
          "say This is a set Yearly {player} Reward",
          "say Crap, you must play alot"