💀 XtraPunish [v2.0] [API 4.0]


You make a valid point actually.
Is there a way you can freeze the player until the anvil(s) hit. They will then die and the freeze will be removed upon death/respawn.

Could also give them slowness until the anvil hits. Which leads me to suggest a /punish slow command that will give them slowness and a /punish drunk thatll instantly give them dizzy/drunkenness. /punish blind as well. Removing their sight.


For now you can use /punish stuck on a player if you really want them to stop and want to use an anvil, but a more permanent solution would be needed. I think I’ll make it so that they are slow with the anvil command. I’ll be adding those commands soon.


A status update

It’s been almost a month since my last post here, so I’ll make a quick status update regarding recent developments.

That’s right, the 2.0 Release will be coming very soon.
I’ve refactored the backend once again (hopefully for the last time). I’ve added a new gen feature which will generate the commands and permissions used in the above forum post with ease. This makes updating the forum post easy as just running the code and copying it over to the main post. I do note that the code is quite messy, and server owners should pay no mind to it (it’s not even included in the server jar).

I’ve added the requested undo feature, which will allow you to undo any command that has ‘Supports undo’ suffixed at the end of the description.

Note that currently there isn’t a redo feature, however this would not be very difficult to implement. I’m not sure if this will be in 2.0, but it will definitely be added in the near future.

Some of the other requested features above will not be included in the 2.0 update, however they are on the roadmap for a 2.x release. I largely want to get this update out, as it has taken long enough as-is (I’ve been unfortunately busy with other things).

That all said, I do hope to get a 2.0 release out soon. I only need to tweak a few more things, fix some bugs and conduct final testing before a release. If you want to see what it’s taken to get to this point, have a look at the compare https://github.com/XtraStudio/XtraPunish/compare/bleeding


Schreech, schreech. Release 2.0 inbound.
Honk the horns and squeal the beezles, it’s time for the biggest update to XtraPunish yet. Thus it has been granted the supreme, dazzling rank of 2.0.


  • Complete refactor of the backend. Hopefully last time doing it.
  • Added a /punish undo [command] command. This command will revert any damage that may have been cause by the use of another command. Commands that support undoing will have ‘Supports undo.’ suffixed into their descriptions.
  • Reworked the /punish spam [player] command. This command will now continuously spam the specified player until /punish chatstop [player] is ran, or the afflicted player leaves the server.
  • Better text formatting, highlighting player names and what-not.
  • Fixed many bugs.
  • Probably some other things I’ve forgotten. Go try it out for yourself!


can i do xtrapunish.* for all flags?


How about /mute command?
This is what I’m searching for ! because of a special adventure map and some plugins , I’m using spongevanilla-1.8.9-4.1.0-BETA-294, but I can’t find suitable mute plugins, Essential-like plugins are not suitable for me.
XtraPunish works, but I need mute function, can you help please, thank you !


@12AwsomeMan34 this plugin is just great but it does not work in 1.12.2 … Can you update it to sponge API 7.1.0? That would be great !


Requesting an update for this plugin to API 7 please :sunny:


Sorry for the long hiatus. I haven’t logged into the forums in a long time. Anyway I’ve finally made an initial update to Sponge 7.1.0 here. Just download the jar, no dependencies necessary. Note that this is an INITIAL release so it’s not fully tested, so expect issues. The only major issue so far is that the stuck command has yet to be fixed so I’ve disabled it for now.
I will be busy for a time but hopefully soon I will make a full 3.0 release and publish this plugin on Ore but until then you can download the jar from the github release above.


hi is there an update for sponge 7.1.4