SlotMachines - Configurable Slot Machines for Sponge!


Yes, the admin slot machines are created by putting ADMIN on the 2nd line of the left sign.

What are the errors you’re encountering? I haven’t been able to setup server to test it due to poor internet - however with the errors I should be able to fix it.


@me4502 This is the error we are getting when testing it, it gives the same error regardless of which version we create.


So weird thing about that - None of the versions of the code that I can find could possibly have that error. It’s throwing a NullPointerException on a literal string.


A new version has been released for SlotMachines, it is available for download here.

SlotMachines for Sponge

This release adds a new admin mode to SlotMachines. To use, put ‘ADMIN’ on the second line of the left sign. These SlotMachines have unlimited money.

They require the following permission node: slots.create.admin


Try the version that I just posted, it works fine for me - maybe it’s something to do with your compile setup?


@me4502 Ok yeah looks like it may have been an issue with the compile, it’s working fine now.

Is there somewhere that tells what the different tiers are for the slots? Like what blocks you need to use for each tier.
Also on the right hand side it say limit under the amount, what is that referring to?


Also is there a way to tax the winning amounts?


The tiers are in the configuration, you can set what they are and what multiplier they use.

As for the limit, on a non admin machine, that’s the minimum amount of money the machine will leave you with in your account. Eg, if someone got really lucky and got multiple payouts, it won’t let your balance go below this amount.

What do you mean exactly by taxing the winnings?


A tax percentage on the winning amounts, so like when you win it will tax a configurable amount away from the winning amount. That’s how the old bukkit slot machine was, you could set it to tax the amount that was won. That version also had a running pot so as people would play it would build higher and higher until someone actually won. It would keep track on the sign what the pot of that machine was at.


Where would the money go, exactly?

If you just want it to lower the winnings wouldn’t it make sense to just lower the factors?


Is it possible to make a slot machine using the inventory gui?
That way it can have more lines, people can see the items cycle better, and could maybe bet on the different lines available (each additional line the bet in, costs more).


That’s mostly out of scope with this plugin. It’s a physical slot machine, rather than an inventory based one.


It shows a limit 0.0 on the sign after you create it, I didn’t see anything in the config that would refer to what this was.

Also is there a way to adjust the win rate? they seem to pay out way too often usually ever 3-4 spins,


Also after going afk for 5mins or so then coming back to use the machines again I’m getting this on every machine that I made in our Casino, I have about 8 of each tier set up.


So first, limit is basically the lowest amount of money it’ll let the owner get to. If you want to make sure you never go lower than 10k, you put 10000 as the limit.

To adjust the win rate, you can change the items and factors in the config, to make wins rarer add more items without corresponding factors.

With the data thing, what version of Sponge are you using? For some reason it’s lost the sign data. I’m not aware of any sponge issues with data, however I can look into it if you tell me which sponge ver.


We are currently using spongeforge-1.10.2-2281-5.2.0-BETA-2379
I tried remaking the machines and they worked again but when we quit playing and left it for several minutes they stopped working again.


Ah, the issue could be that you’re on 1.10, the data system worked fairly differently back then and there were definitely a few issues with data disappearing that I found.


We can’t upgrade higher on this particular server because it still runs pixelmon which is stuck at 1.10 now. So you know if there is any work around for it?


I’ll take a look when I have time. It probably won’t be for at least a week however as I’m ridiculously busy at the moment.


No problem, I’ve been super busy as well and have just left our machines broken for now, any luck on finding a way to fix the issue?