SlotMachines - Configurable Slot Machines for Sponge!


Hey, looked into it - Seems it’s not possible to fix this for 1.10.2 whilst still using Sponge’s data API. It would be theoretically possible to have it work on older versions given each SlotMachine was saved into a separate file for location; however, that would be a decent amount of work.


I have been having some issues with setting factors using pixelmon item ids, every time i do, it resets to default, any reason for that ?


Could you please show me how you’re doing this?

One possible reason could be the mod failing to properly register the items, which would prevent plugins from using them.


A new version has been released for SlotMachines, it is available for download here.

SlotMachines for Sponge

This version adds support for 1.12.2


Any chance this new update also addresses the issues we are having in 1.10.2? I’d really love to be able to use the slot machines in the Casino Ship I built in our world,


No, only the first release supports 1.10.2

If I recall correctly the bug is due to some issues with the Sponge data implementation in 1.10.2 that was changed later on - I can’t recall exactly what it was, just that I was pushing for it to be changed


This plugin was working great! Then i tried to edit the config. That broke it apparently. Ive done clean installs with both 1.2 and 1.3! Both throw this error Screenshot_8|690x464


I don’t appear to be able to view that image, are you able to upload it somewhere else?

#50 Try This Link :smiley:


A new version has been released for SlotMachines, it is available for download here.

SlotMachines for Sponge

  • This build updates the plugin to the latest version of SpongeAPI.


So looking into it, that error would occur if the tile entity became corrupt. I’ve seen this occur with a few plugins, so I was assuming it was a Sponge bug. I haven’t really had time to properly discuss it with people or debug it however. Are you able to reliably reproduce it?

Otherwise, the latest version updates it to the latest SpongeAPI version, which may fix things if it was to do with the API usage.


Thanks! Im actually running tests currently on my test server so ill give this version a shot and let you know! :smiley:

Edit: Seems to be working fine! :smiley: Could you add support for customization of messages and sign text color? Also, is the Count value editable? Where could i put damage values? UnsafeDamage? Thanks again!


No lo reconoce MC 1.12.2
API7: spongeapi-7.1.0-20180203.201952-11-shaded.jar
Forge: spongeforge-1.12.2-2586-7.1.0-BETA-2890.jar


Absolutely love this plugin now that it has an admin machine. I do have 1 suggestion, adding in command rewards instead of just itemtypes



CmdType=“pokegive @p Pikachu”


I can only build 1 Iron machine… I try to build gold and diamond but they say out of money even though the top left signs are admin listed.

I tried to make 2 more irons, for a total of 3 iron machines, but every one says out of money. Only the ONE iron machine works.

Sponge Forge: 1.10.2 2281 API 5
Plugin version: 1.0


Saying i do not have permission to build a machine.
am i missing something?
Sponge API-7.1.0
SpongeForge 1.12.2-2611


so apparently after a restart it works now. Didn’t think to do that. (was tired)


When I get a chance I can add those. All values are editable, it’s just a serialised item. I’m not sure how Minecraft serialises items, but it’d probably be a value like Count. UnsafeDamage is the damage value I believe, yes.


Do you get any errors? It works fine for me.


That’s a good idea, I’ll add it when I get time.