⛄ NPCs [v3.0.0] - Easiest and Best NPC plugin


Hey, your plugin looks great!
Any chance we can save NPCs external in a json file anytime soon? (Like citizens)
I like editing savefiles instead of flying around and editing them via commands:)


@tridaak @Shockey

Version 1.1.0 is out now!


  • New NPC clickable Menu
  • Made commands for internal use only
  • NPC Actions
    • Messages
    • Player Commands
    • Console Commands
  • Added Horse Colors
  • Added Horse Styles
  • Added PlaceholderAPI integration (optional but recommended)
  • Tons of tweaks, changes and edits


Been waiting for this. Can’t wait to use it. Are you planning to add any sort of cost function to the command side of the npc, it would prove very useful to require money from an economy plugin or items to use an npc. Thanks for the great work!


Im not sure that i will add that, because it is not really a function that this plugin should provice, but more something for an essentials plugin or economy plugin. I know that some plugins already support it, so it should already be do-able.


You can use command kits or nucleus’ command kits in order to bundle commands together and have them have costs (then have the npcs run those commands for the players).

Or have the first command to be run, be taking a certain amount of money from the player. Assuming that if one command fails, it stops executing the rest of the commands (not sure if @Mr_Daniel12321 has this).

Would be neat if this plugin had that, but not a necessity. Same with adding a cooldown :wink:
There’s so much potential for this plugin, I can’t wait for future releases. I mean, current release is fantastic as it is.


How about an event listener that checks if an item is present in players hand when clicking on NPC. If yes it performs command, if no it returns chat error message


A new version with some fixes and improvements is out, version 1.1.1!


  • Added a config option to enable/disable opening the NPC menu when selecting an NPC
  • Fixed an error with non-repeating inorder Actions
  • Added a config option to format NPC messages
  • Changed the Actions list
    • Added Up and Down buttons
    • Made the Delete button smaller

IMPORTANT: To get access to the new config options, delete your current npcs/config.conf file.


Think you could make it so when you put skins on human npcs, they have the extra layer around the head? It’s nothing major but it makes some npcs look weird since they would have something there if it was an actual player using the skin.


I dont think this is possible, but ill have a look into it.


Can you make NPCs attack people or groups ? So we can set groups of bandits in forest, guards for cities, etc…

This would involve a life, strength and speed characteristic for them, maybe it’s too much…


Think that’d be hard to implement, cause what would happen if the player kills the NPC. Would an admin need to check the areas NPCs are at and respawn NPCs if killed?
And what would happen if the NPCs chase a player too far.

Something like that would likely need:
-A counter of how many of a particular type of NPCs exist in the world.
-Areas the NPCs are constricted to (if needs to be set) and some form of AI to handle NPCs whose target leaves this area (whether they run back to where they were or if they just despawn).
-Check if the chunks (areas) in which NPCs are constricted to are loaded in order to spawn. (As not to try to spawn entities on unloaded chunks)
-Respawn time (Ie: 5 minutes), not to have admins have to constantly respawn the NPCs in those areas should something happen to them.
-Possibly set the drops NPCs have. There’d be no point of a tough NPC which drops nothing.

Don’t get me wrong, this would be pretty dang awesome to implement! Think it’s a bit early for this plugin to start considering such a tough task. Like I’ve said before, there’s a lot of potential for this plugin and likely for other plugins to appear that require this plugin and can handle more complex tasks outside the scope of NPCs.


I would love to make this, however i tried to make NPC’s walk a certain route, and i noticed that AI Goals are totally inumplemented in sponge sadly :frowning:
I couldnt even get them to walk, so this wont work. When sponge implements it, i will start working on it.


Skins can be installed with a license account? Or any?


How about an event listener that checks if an item is present in players hand when clicking on NPC. If yes it performs command, if no it returns chat error message

I would honestly love to see this, as it can make a huge variety of quests possible.


@HeadbandOG @SnowBlitzz

Ill will start working on this next week, currently very buzy with school.

I am thinking about an option to set conditions to an NPC, and have different action lists for when a condition is met and when it is not.


Well, even if they don’t move, as long as they have a bow, they could use it with a given power don’t they ?

If we have to wait for routes, then let’s wait :slight_smile:


Not really… The part of sponge that makes mobs move is also the part that controls all other types of actions, like shooting bows. As long as that part is not implemented by sponge, its not possible. I will start looking into editing it with NMS code, but i prefer not to.


You know what is best for your plugin. I will follow your work anyway :smiley:


This will be so exciting!


This plugin is incredible. Thank you!
(But yes having multiple commands run at once would be nice)