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I have a problem very similar to GDZ´s, but the NPCs disappear even if i´m too far away, I´ve opened an issue for that on github. There is no error message or something else.


Like Leiha said, there are no errors whatsoever.


Have not experienced this. What version of Forge, and Sponge are installed? Also What Claim plugin do you use? Are you running a specific mod like Pixelmon? More info!


I´m on Version 1.11, SpongeForge (sponge-build 2004, forge-build 2195)

List of all plugins used:


@Leiha @GDZ @Emil_Andersson
I have finished rewriting a big part of the code. Now, NPC’s will not be stored in a world’s NBT data anymore, but in a config file. This way, the despawning problem should not be a problem anymore. I am still working on a more advanced actions system, so it will still be a few days.


Sounds good, can’t wait.


Yeah sounds great. Looking forward to test it. Thanks for your time.


How do we make the npc stay where its at


Having an issue, whenever I set the skin, it doesn’t actually change the skin, tried on multiple npcs, using latest sponge. 1.10.2. Tried the default Steve skin as well.


Are you in online-mode?


This looks interesting. I am wondering if this could replace the npc mod. is it possible to do quest and have npc run commands?


Quests are planned but commands are implemented :slight_smile:


To me this is a game changer because any thing to keep people from having to download a mod to get on a server helps out a lot. Thanks for the reply!


Thank you. :slight_smile:
I finished the more advanced actions system, and testing/bug fixing right now. So far, i have implemented:

  • Messages
  • Player Commands
  • Console Commands
  • Choices
  • Delays (NPC performs next action in x ticks)
  • Conditions (Items, Levels, Exp)
  • Pauses (then you have to click the NPC again)
  • Goto (takes you to a certain action in the NPC’s action list.
    Yet to be implemented:
  • Cooldowns (cant click NPC for x ticks)
  • Any good suggestions you might have.

The system works kindof like how windows batch or linux sh programms work, but a lot easier to understand and use.

An NPC has 1 list of actions, starting from 0. When you interact with an NPC, it will executie actions, starting from 0. When it hits a pause, you have to click it again, when it hits a choice, you have to input a choice, etc. You can select wether or not an NPC should start from 0 again once it reaches the end.


Can you use models from other mods?


Not yet, i was thinking of implementing that at some point.

EDIT: Actually, if it is registered properly with minecraft, it should be possible in the next version.


No it is offline mode. (network)


I finally tried it and it roxx !

However, my NPCs disappeared after 2 reboots but I am not sure if it is because of me or not as it was on my test server.

Could you implement /npc create -at [coords] ? And I am not sure if it is implemented but select npc by id /npc select

Otherwise, I love the menu, so easy and convenient to use :thumbsup:


Ladies and gentleman, it is finally that time.
NPCs v2.0.0 can now be downloaded.

A lot has changed, but most changes happened in the NPC storage and the Action system.
I will write a full explenation of the new Action system soon.


  • Added more advanced Action system
  • Remade command structure
  • Remade the NPC Menu
  • Remade NPC Storage
  • Added Glow Color
  • Tons more edits, tweaks and improvements


Will already placed NPCs be affected when updating the plugin?