⛄ NPCs [v3.0.0] - Easiest and Best NPC plugin


Are you sure you’re using the correct version? There are 3 downloads, one for each version.


Yes. The version is suitable. Since the last update of the plugin, the Sponge API has been modified. Some classes no longer exist, they are replaced by others.


It’d be nice if there were some form of wiki / documentation…


so whats up with npcs disappearing, ive seen numerous people with the problem and ive seen the issue on github but with no response. they appear in / npc list and will occasionally reappear. makes this plugin prettty much useless


Ask about skin function, can I use URL instead of player ID?
I want to use some original skin NPCs but not so many Minecraft accounts.
If not, I hope to add this feature, thank you!


Did this ever get quests? I can only see old messages saying they were planned. And if it doesn’t support it directly are there any quest plugins that support this?


Could you pls add support to IC2 mod items? it does not support item type such as ic2:resource:5


Good job on this one, loving it a lot ^^


Please add support 1.12.2.


Does this still work?


It doesn’t seem to be working for me on API7 1.12.2, but it is licensed.
I’ll see what I can do


it seems that its author doesn’t use cause.of() method properly in API7, could you solve this problem pls? I think it only need a minor fix but I don’t know what to do.


I fixed cause building and key registration, but I’m still running into issues on how the entities are created and casted to the living class.


API 5 (forge 2281)

Ran command: /npc create sponge:human

Froze slightly then screen went to a bluish tint. Then client (not server) crash.

cleared player data from both world save and nucleus, crashed again.
Removed NPC plugin and config, crashed again. No idea how to get out of this…

Any thought?


You’ll have to remove the npc


2 things:

1: If you set up the NPCs to look a certain direction and you leave the area and come back, all the NPCs are looking to the south and not holding the direction you faced them in with the /npc look command. And yes I turned off look before leaving the area.

2: Due to player collision being a thing on 1.9+ players are able to push the NPCs around. I have this temporarily fixed by placing barrier blocks on the back and sides of each NPC.

Any work arounds for these two issues?


Hello everyone. Its been a while since ive even touched plugins. Ive been so buzy with life and stuff. But im just getting back into it.

I just released a totally new version which ive been working on on and off for months now, v3.0.0. Its far from perfect and i expect some errors to pop up, but it should also fix a lot of the currently existing errors.


Nice to know that you are back in the game :smiley:


Is it possible to fix the 1.12.2 bug of this mod not working?