[Solved]Problem with the spongeAPI's events


PS:My English it’s not good , please give me some understand ,thank you very much .
I used the spongeAPI 7.0.0 , I looked the docs , but it’s not very detailed , and it’s not newest , it’s not have events list , could you please update the docs ?
Second , It’s very difficult to use gradle and maven for me , so I used the spongeAPI-shaed.jar , can it make me develop plugins like others ?
All in all , thank you very much for make the sponge ,I think it’s a good minecraft_server !

ps:I want to log something when the player join


What you are missing is to import the event class.As you are using NetBeans, you need to focus the cursor on the error segment and press Shift+Enter.
P.S. Your English is terrible.


I know , maybe sponge change the listeners , this listener isn’t in the library now


That has never been in the library. You appear to be trying to use Bukkit events instead of Sponge events, and generally doing things the Bukkit way. The Sponge event for when a player joins is ClientConnectionEvent.Join.

The docs are complete and constantly updated, contrary to your perception, though I don’t know the status of the translation into whatever language you are using. The docs also do not need an events list, it is perfectly accessible in the javadocs.

Yes, the shaded jar can let you develop plugins. That is the entire point of the shaded jar.


I have solved by you answer , thank you