🗣 CustomChatCommands 1.2 [API 4.0.3]


Still working. 'Almost done' turned out to be wrong. Apparently Sponge has some sort of problem with me reading and writing TextTemplates to the config, with the problem being unreproducible anywhere else.


I would like to know if this plugin stills in developpement. I am using this plugin on my Roleplay server and I've found a bug : I can't show the player nickname in the channels I've created. I've tried with many plugins to set a nickname (like Essentials and others), but it only shows the player's name.

Secondly, I would like to know if it could be possible to set a range to the default channel, please. I don't want to have a global channel in game.

By the way, I am really thankfull about your plugin. I really hope this plugins stays updated !


I've sorta stopped working on it; I just never find the time.


So Can I use this to make /nucleus:back become /b ?

how would i set this up? its confusing for me! a video would be great!


No. This plugin (in its current state) is designed to make custom 'action commands', similar to the functionality of /me.


You may want to take a look at this plugin:

It's one of the most important plugins for Bukkit / Spigot.
Maybe your's has the same capability.



No. This is a simple plugin, purely for emote-style messages.


Heya Pie_Flavor. Been testing your Plugin out for an hour now.

We were looking for something similar to what TomberWolf pointed towards.

We found the configuration quite interesting, It took some time to figure out but after spending some time with it it's very well thought out and detailed.

While we didn't find exactly what we needed for our specific need, we did discover the diversity of this plugin. We'll be using it to add some seriously cool emotes to our server.

Thanks dearly for your contribution to the Sponge Community.


Hey, I’ve been testing this plugin and I have problems with the default channel, I want a channel (for roleplaying) with a specific range and without the need of use a command, how to do this? Thanks!


You would use a different plugin. This plugin is purely for emote-style commands.


This plugin works on API 7 if you do not use the XML text format.