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If you have intel HD graphics installed, you can just right click on your desktop and select Graphics Properties > Then select display once the page has finished loading > Then select the color tab > Then you can customize how your display is coloured, including the colour scheme, the contrast of rgb, the brightness of rgb as well as much more. It is a great feature of Intel HD Graphics, however I am currently not sure how to do it on mac… You can always restore your defaults which is a great feature :smile:


It’s because your forum was linked to. but yeah. now your posts appear in the wrong thread. :P


Polls fixed. :)

The link:visited, then. On it right now.

Correct you are, good sir. :P I may post a few screenies of what I had setup, and when I have time, I may even get it working just for you.

[quote=“HungryThirstyDead, post:45, topic:1306”]
If you have intel HD graphics installed
[/quote] Although that my be true (haven’t tested myself), this is a solution that works for just about anyone. :) (on desktop, that is.)



It was just an idea. lol. No need to waste your time just on my little idea.


Minecraft was just a “little idea”. ;)

CSS updated! :D

@Gnat008, it’s not as simple as :visited, sadly, but I am looking into it right now.


Touche. lol.
Looks good!

For the thread thing, is there a way to make a fully-read thread’s name like… idk how to describe it; grayed out? Or something. I dont know where CSS ends and Discourse begins.
EDIT: Ninja’d


For now, I made the “unread post” badge a bolder yellow, and a darker, thicker black.
(edit)-> …as well as the “new thread”.

throw this at the bottom of the CSS (easier than copypasta the whole thing again):

a.badge.unread.badge-notification {
    background-color: #F7C41D;
    color: #383738;
    font-weight: bold;

a.badge.new-topic.badge-notification {
    background-color: #383738;
    color: #F7C41D;
    font-weight: bold;

a.badge.new-posts.badge-notification {
    background-color: #F7C41D;
    color: #383738;
    font-weight: bold;


It seems the Messages section of my profile looks a bit derpy. Not sure if it’s intended, or if it’s been fixed yet, but here’s what it looks like for me. I haven’t looked at the source for this bit, so there’s maybe a reason ya left it out XD


@OffLuffy, I noticed it earlier today as well. the profile section is tomorrow’s todo list. :koala:


Does any one have a way to use this in firefox i cant stand chrome. And lets not get started on the browser debate.


I can’t vouch for it, but you might can try Stylish. Seems to be the same thing as StyleBot.


Let me know if stylish works, and I’ll add it to the top! :)


Seems like a sexy idea! :cat:


OP updated :<r;jarg;ujag>)


This topic I think better articulates what I ment re. read vs unread forum topics, though it’s for the default scheme. Just as an example.


gotcha. I’l see into it.


It seems to work I am using it now once installed the user just needs to.

  1. click the icon on the tool bar and hover over Write new style.
  2. move the mouse over to the option “For fourms.spongepowered.org…”
  3. Once the popup window opens Enter a name in the top box.
  4. Then paste the code provided below the existing code in the big bottom box.
  5. Hit save and enjoy.


It works on Pale Moon too (a Firefox fork) via Stylish. Thanks @octoshrimpy !


I am having issues with the theme being applied to other sites as well altho I clicked make it for forums.
It still seems to be messing with things on facebook and my local newspapers site too. its not a big deal I can just untick the theme when reading those sites and it does not mess them up that bad.


Hopped on firefox, and was not able to replicate. :confused: