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You was not able to replicate it because, Well your not a complete tard like me :frowning:

I worked out what i did wrong when i looked at the theme a little closer.

What i managed to do was Pace your code outside the last bracket here.

@namespace url(http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml);

@-moz-document domain("forums.spongepowered.org") {


I had your code below the final bracket there making it apply to all sites :frowning: after fixing that it works as intended…


This reminds me of when my old boss made me replace all the hardware in a PC case to fix a ‘beep code’ when it was indeed just a stack of CDs on someone’s keyboard spacebar during boot. Can’t say exactly how that’s relevant, but there ya have it.


Found another slight bug. It seems that the div.ember-view.title a has a slightly off background versus the color behind it (Both are behind the Sponge logo), it’s hardly noticeable on the forum homepage, but a slightly larger portion is visible when viewing threads. Here’s a screenshot where I’ve set the color to bright green to show ya where it is:

And what that looks like on the forums home:

Would propose the background of this element to be #142833 to match the background color behind that


Fixing Fixed now. :)


Minor Bug Report: Preferences and Invites buttons are invisible on the Profile Page (below the bright orange Log Out), unless you scroll over them. I’m seeing this on Pale Moon Version: 25.0.2, using Stylish. I’m not sure if Chrome users get the same.


I’m running chromium, seems fine. Would you mind sending a screenshot of the hover/non-hover?

Both use a.ember-view for their main (orange text) color, and a.ember-view.btn for the transparent background. a.ember-view.btn:hover for the background color (light gray) on-hover and
a.ember-view:hover for the text color (light yellow) on-hover, in case you wanna get dirty under the hood. :)


Here it is without hovering:

And here it is again hovering over the “Invites”.

I copied and pasted in the script from the OP last night just to check in case I had missed any updates, I got the same results.


I’ll get pale moon and see what’s up. :slight_smile:


I tried this out and liked it quite a lot, so I spent a few hours and remixed it a bit. If you guys wanna try out my version of it the CSS is here. (Hope you don’t mind @octoshrimpy :stuck_out_tongue: )


Great Job @octoshrimpy although @BitByte’s looks a little cooler


Made an update to the CSS, fixed a few issues including the white box around the loading spinner. :smile: CSS file is here.


Getting some screenshots up, then I’ll post them to the thread. Thanks for the name idea btw :smiley: .


You are certainly welcome! It’s now on stylebot, setting up stylish. as soon as you got screenies, we’ll be all set! :smiley:


Just noticed something ._. Look at private messages.

Fixing it now.


Noticed the same. messages and notification bubbles alike. liking the bleached look so far. :smile:


boxes. maybe keep just an outline?

very bottom, there are those strips.

this text is still blue, btw.


I’ll try the outline.

Can’t figure out how to remove them.

Fixing it in a sec.


I’d just recolor them. Stylebot has this nifty little thing (on left) that once selected will show you elements by name just by hovering and clicking on them. Use that. :smile:


Themes on OP updated.


Since @DotDash hasn’t delivered yet, I made these.


More if you want.