Sponge Status Update - 1st March 2016


Twitch doesn't even seem to work on my phone :frowning: Oh well.

EDIT: And I'm in on my laptop. Finally! :smile:


Can someone give me any keynotes/summary from the stream? Thanks! :slight_smile:


Usually they post a YouTube video afterwards.


Could someone post a link?


Normally @gabizou uploads it but there isn't a video yet.


It's still available on Twich for now https://www.twitch.tv/spongepowered/v/52575632


When is sponge 1.9 coming out?


Awww pleaaaaaase

Please don't ask for it


Well that didn't give me a date. But if there isn't a exact date then thats ok.


We don't give exact dates for development builds of various things, including jumps between minecraft versions. Currently, you can pull SpongeVanilla down from github and build it and run it, but as you'll notice, it's still in development (mostly because we're introducing new systems with this update).


@gabizou Will sponge team implement API 6 for minecraft 1.8? I hope you implement the 1.9 api for minecraft 1.8.


No. There's a reason why it's API version 6.