Sponge Status Update - 29th April 2016


I never said that there won't be plugins bigger than my suggested limit. I just wanted to point out which parts might be big in plugins(kotlin, scala runtime). I think windy said at SoS that you can upload an archive file with your plugin and additional resources. So these resources could be big and because of this I am sure the limit will be much bigger than 5mb.


Wait, it's not taken? When I first tried to get the account, "Spongie", "Spongy", "SpongePowered", and "SpongiePowered" were all taken, so I went with SpongyPowered. Maybe it was some caching bug on my browser.


Nope, still not. Or at least, going to /u/SpongiePowered yields a page saying "There's nothing here" or "Page not found" :slight_smile:


Yeah, probably just me forgetting to press the sign up button and reading the prior message then. The other possibility is that SpongiePowered is shadow banned, which is unlikely.


The homepage looks great! Except it says "community driven" instead of "community-driven." Someone should probably fix that.


Fixed. Thanks for reporting :slight_smile:


It's happening!!!


It's been happening for a couple of weeks now.


Welp, I haven't been on this forum in ages, I need to start doing stuff again.

Seriously though, awesome job with the website and Ore.