SpongeForge Issue (Server runs fine, but the client cannot log in without timing out)


Server Specs
E3-SAT-2-32 Server - E3-1225v2 - 32GB - SoftRaid 2x2To
OS: Ubuntu Server 16.04 “Xenial Xerus” LTS (64bits)

Forge: 1.12.2 -
Spongeforge: 1.12.2-2555-7.1.0-BETA-2833

Whenever I try to join on my client I get a frozen screen that lags out. Without Spongeforge the issue isn’t existent. I’ve tried resetting the world and removing all of the mods/plugins and the problem persists.

Client: https://hastebin.com/yoxeyuwade.sql
Server: https://hastebin.com/heqalefulu.swift


It’s being caused by GottaGoFast. See SpongeForge#1893 and GottaGoFast#1.


Removed GottaGoFast. Same problem.