SQL WhiteList - Whitelist based on SQL


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SQL WhiteList

an simple whitelist plugin who use database as “whitelist”, its good when you have an network (multiple server) and wish an whitelist on all,

The plugin is ultra light 5kb, and also doesn’t stress sql server, because the connection and query are made only when player join.

Website DEMO

I maded a demo website for you that can be found there: https://github.com/fmohican/SQLWhiteList-WEB


Hi your mod/plugin is very good and works how we needed but there is problem when we need whitelist turn off because there is no way how to turn it off without removing mod/plugin physically from the server.
Could you please make this feature it will be handy for everybody.
Thanks for your mod/plugin. Keep your work.

Regards Meredith


On the first hand, thanks for using my plugin and thanks for your suggestion.
On the other hand, yes, that will be great. i will try to implement in next version.

Thanks you.


I release new version of plugin with your suggestion implemented, but right now i can’t upload on ore.spongepowered because I changed my signature (GNU) and the ore.spongepowered didn’t allow me to upload You must wait a minimum of 3 days after changing your public key to upload files.
You can find the released version there : https://github.com/fmohican/SQL-WhiteList/releases , just click on “SQLWhitelist-0.0.3.jar”


It is cool and we thanks to you for very fast implementation. It took me 30 minutes to notice that config file has changed :smile:


A new version has been released for SQL WhiteList, it is available for download here.

Whitelist based on SQL

  • Ability to disable & enable plugin