Tab Manager [API 5/6/7] [v 1.0.4/v 2.1.3] - Customize your tab list

Was this ever added? I heard it was working from PixelmonPlaceholders but can’t seem to get on placeholders registered on PlaceHolderAPI service to load on TabManager. Maybe I am calling them wrong, maybe not, or its not even supported for yet.

Will you add own placeholder’s? In order not to install other plugins.

And, how I can do second footer line?

Put\nAndthisline will be on the 2nd footer line

Why would you not want to download an additional plugin that does exactly what you want?

Because it doesn’t work now.

What part of the PlaceholderAPI plugin doesn’t work? It looks like it should support most versions of PlaceholderAPI, including 3.11/3.12 (not sure how people got 3.12 lol) which are the latest versions.

I tried wrote placeholder to tab footer, and it doesn’t work.

I do not believe the current released version of Tab Manager supports Placeholder API however it is in the pipeline. If you do not want to wait, you can go to Tab Manager’s github and compile it yourself. Understand that if you are not sure of what you are doing, I would recommend waiting for an official release from Proxying. I cannot say for sure if Proxying would support the version you compile as it is not officially released and signed off.

Hmm yes, I have also tried using placeholderAPI for it and was also wondering why it was not supported. Well I guess that answers my question.

Hi guys does anyone know why my name is coming up twice when I type in chat? the tab menu itself works perfectly however when I talk my name is there twice.

Do you happen to use Nucleus?

I have manged to prevent my name coming up twice. is there any way to remove the “<” “>” from before and after my name?

Still need help, want the tab prefix only for staff members and donors, how do I keep nucleus enabled with this?

That’s still part of nucleus, if you use that.

is there gonna be an api7 version of this plugin ??

It works fine for me (but you can’t use PlaceHolderAPI) :smiley:

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will try thank you

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We are having an issue with /vanish and tabmanager. If a player joins after an admin is already in /vanish, then their name does not appear. However, if the player is online before the admin does /vanish, their name turns white in the tab instead of disappearing.

Can this be fixed?

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@RandomByte made a forked version of Tab Manager that has the source for adding placeholderapi but didn’t release a build. Would have been highly beneficial to everyone else though considering the OP i highly doubt will ever release a new build as he was lazy as he like to tell everyone that requested it in the pixelmon discord server.