Tab Manager [API 5/6/7] [v 1.0.4/v 2.1.3] - Customize your tab list

Fixed that in the latest version, 2.1.1. It’s now available to download.

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Thanks! Greatly appreciated :smiley:

Sorry for the trouble, anyone that had downloaded version 2.1.1 within the first 24 hours of it being released, please re-download it and put the new version on your server if you experience any formatting issues with nicknamed players. I uploaded the wrong file to the releases section on github that did not have the latest code within it. The download link on the github and at the top of this thread are now updated with the correct version.

Hmm it seems to still be happening, but now only on selected players - which makes it harder to track down the problem. Their rank could be anything, like Trainer or Master for example, their name will be white while fellow Trainers or Masters will have it colored.

Edit: Ok I think I’ve got it. If you’re already on the server and someone just log on, their name will be uncolored in tab, but when you relog their name will be colored. This means if you’re the first to join the server, everyone else who follows will be uncolored in tab.

If that’s the case, it should automatically update if you have both of the config options enabled regarding updating inside the main config.

It’s actually set to update every 60 seconds by default. I’ve only disabled the part where it updated placeholders since I don’t use those.

    # This will add players on the server to Teams within the scoreboard, this will override custom tab menus such as the Pixelmon GUI. Allowing for custom prefix/suffix within that. HOWEVER, this will also give the player a prefix and/or suffix while chatting in-game, so a plugin like Nucleus will have to also be used to handle chat if you want it to look different from your options here.
    "Add Players to Teams"=false
    # This edits the Vanilla tab list (Will not effect the Pixelmon custom tab list, best to disable this when you have Pixelmon's enabled within the pixelmon.hocon.
    "Edit Vanilla Tab List"=true
    # This will attempt to use a players display name/nickname rather than their actual Minecraft name.
    "Use Player Nicknames"=false
    # The interval in seconds in which players groups get re-checked for updates (such as purchasingdonation ranks, becoming staff etc. [This is performance heavy, so do NOT set it too low. Default is 60, recommended is no less than that]. Set to -1 to disable the updating.
    # The interval in seconds in which the tab texts get updated. This is only needed when you are using PlaceholderAPI. Set to -1 to disable the updating.

Can you try changing the placeholder one to 5/10 seconds. The description text is actually a bit out of touch now that I’ve started updating again and that update method now handles updating display names etc too.


Alot of players are getting this error :

and then disconnect after trying to join. I’ve checked all groups and made sure nothing is above 16 characters. After disabling the plugin players could connect again. Any ideas as whats causing this?

Can you provide your groups.json and players.json files please?

Are we able to organize people in the tab menu by highest rank to lowest rank? I couldn’t find an option for weight, etc.

Any chance this will be updated to a newer version of sponge/forge soon?

I love the tab manager and can’t go without it. But it’s been showing up a lot on my timings reports

Does it actually cause any problems? It is only 192 ticks affected.

Oh perhaps not. Anyway I’ve changed the update-interval to 60 seconds and haven’t seen it high up in timings since

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Also check to see if you’re on the latest version, I made a few changes I think one/two versions ago to reduce that. But yeah it it’s slow because of the way it does the checks, which is why it doesn’t do them often.

if someone can help me with this, the nicks dont appear on the Tag either tho I have then enabled in the Config. my discord is Louie#4875 hmu please someone help

For nicknames to work you have to be using version 2.1.1/2.1.2 and have Nucleus installed on the server while using their nickname service.

EDIT: Also version 2.1.3 has been released that allows for functionality with Nucleus’s Vanish system.

it still doesnt work, I have the latest version of TabManger

This doesnt work, the Nicknames if Nueclues dont work. I have them set to true in the config.

Please can you verify what version you are using, (of tabmanager, nucleus, spongeforge) and your config for tabmanager? Nucleus nicknames seem to be working for other servers that have it.