TeslaCrate 🔑 Shockingly Powerful Crates (API 5, 6, and 7)


I haven’t personally used this plugin, but assuming that enchanted items (NBT in general) are compatible, in the id=<ID> section, you should be able to add the full ID for the enchanted item. Without loading up the game and checking the ID’s for it, It’ll probably look something like id=minecraft:iron_sword.withTag({ench:[something or other]}). But don’t take my word for it. To find the item ID, if you use Nucleus you can use /iteminfo (iirc).

This is all off memory, so probably wrong, just trying to be helpful.

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Greetings all! It has been a long, long road to get here but the time has finally come! After over two months of dedicated development, I present to you TeslaCrate v2.0.0-legacy!

This version is easily the largest update I’ve ever done and has been a total of three complete rewrites and a lot of time. However, that also means it should be three times as good as have a hoard of new features (and hopefully a fraction of the bugs!).

This update (and future ones) now require TeslaPowered to be installed. This download is also included in the GitHub release of TeslaCrate.

Additionally, the config system has also been completely redesigned and is no longer compatible (or in the same place!) as previous versions. Fear not, however, as I’ve built in a system to convert legacy data. Once the plugin has loaded, you can set the -legacy node to true in teslacrate.conf to begin the conversion process. This system will not overwrite any data, so your previous configuration will be safe (but unused).


  • Major redesign to internals
  • Restructured the command hierarchy
  • Changed the config location and system
  • Added gui component menus
  • Added gui, particle, and sound effects
  • Added crate preview display
  • Added translatable message system
  • Added more data options to items
  • Added component edit commands
  • A ton of miscellaneous improvements

GitHub Release: v2.0.0-legacy

Finally, I’d like to thank three people in particular who have been a huge help in putting this thing together. @Faithcaio, for his immense help with the Inventory API; @ryantheleach for a lot of productive conversations, assisting with particle effects, and way too many quaternions; and finally @Meronat for being the voice of reason and helping me recognize that what I was doing what stupid. In the short time that I’ve known you, I’ve learned quite a lot thanks to your help - Thank you!


Any pictures???


Here’s one of an orange cat I’ve become rather accustomed to.


If what you’re actually after is pictures of TeslaCrate, then I recommend installing the plugin - the effects and animations can’t really be justified in a static picture.


I’d prefer to see pictures of the plugin I’m about to download than have to download, configure and then use the plugin to see if I’m interested in it. If app stores didn’t have images, people certainly wouldn’t install as many apps as they do.


Up to you. Pictures don’t quite cut it for me, so until I can put together a series of official gifs for TeslaCrate the best I can offer is this test of some basic particle effects. Ignore the destroyed terrain - I ran into some, uh, complications with SpongeForge :confused:



Looks pretty neat! Will be interesting to see how something like that would be configured.


Hiya everyone, happy Tuesday! I hope you’re all ready for an update that brings something new to the table :smiley:

This update doesn’t change too much - there’s a couple simple bug fixes and a few new additions (+1 to item nbt), but beyond that it’s basically your everyday general update. However, this isn’t just any update, as it introduces support for both API 5 and API 6! So, for those of you still hanging around back there, you can join in the excitement now as well!

I’d also like to make the note that updates to previous API’s are going to be somewhat limited - maintaining all three API versions would be a nightmare and isn’t what I want to devote my time to. Instead, I’ll be updating previous API versions for any major changes over the next few weeks. Once the new year hits, I’ll re-evaluate my stance on legacy support and go from there - so if you find any bugs, now’s the time!


  • Added support for API 5, 6, and 7
  • Added item nbt node in configuration
  • Fixed inline builders not deserializing properly
  • Fixed taking keys from users
  • Set default item name and lore to display-name and description

GitHub Release: v2.0.1-legacy


Need clear wiki page info for adding enchantments to items, to include multiple enchantments for a single item.


TeslaCrate has been migrated to Ore! To stay up to day with new releases, please keep an eye on the following:

See you all there!