Total Economy - All in one economy plugin for Minecraft/Sponge


Where can I adjust the amount of money and the time users receive it. I have looked all over the configs and cannot see anywhere where this setting is located. I do see in game I get 200 every 15 minutes or so.


Salary amount and how often the salary is paid out can be changed within the jobs.conf file. The values you are looking for are salary and salarydelay.


I found salary delay but unable to locate salary. I see unemployed but it is set to 20 - I keep getting 200.


Each job in the jobs configuration file has it’s own salary value.


Thanks for reply - I found it. All is good again.


I am looking to develop a plugin to work with this economy plugin, My question is, Does this plugin use the Sponge Economy API ( I am fairly sure that most economy plugins do, just double checking before I code it all up)


This plugin does use the Economy API.


Thanks for the fast response, and for the information.


Hello, I am working on a modded server and wanted to know, is it possible in the fishing job to add modded items. specifically fishing rewards from Pam’s Harvestcraft to the list of paid fish. I don’t know currently how to modify that as you used just the name of the fish, not anyspecification as to if its minecraft or modded.

if possible let me know how I can achieve this.


It would be nice to have more option for job sets, such as crafting, and smelting.


There are plans for these to be added.


Would be awesome if there was an option to charge an upkeep cost for having a shop, that could either be per shop or as an overall charge for having a shop.


I like this idea a lot. I’ll add it to the list so it can be implemented when I rework the shops. Thanks.


Awesome, thought of a something else too.

Would there be a way of being able to put the same items that is already being sold in the chest without having to do the /shop stock x x but having it auto set the prices for them


I did not find the permissions for the chest shops, where is it? by the way, great pluguin you made OMG!


Here you are:


Had another idea to suggest. It would be nice if a player could buy x amount instead of either 1 or shift clicking to buy a stack. Just have people complain about the things i’ve suggested before this.

I like the shop idea. I think sign shops are bring asf but would like some of the standard things they have :slight_smile:


I believe this is already on the issues page over on GitHub: If not I’ll be sure to add this to the list so it can get added. Thanks.


I’m creating a new modpack/server for me and my friends. And we decided to run Pixelmon on it. Making custom jobs is extremely easy, however, I’m not super sure how jobsets work. I want to make some custom sets that will fit the theme. They are going to be in adventure mode, so things like breaking blocks won’t really happen except harvesting crops. The thing I’m not sure about are the available actions (break, catch, kill in the default config) and whether they will count toward toward actions done by a player. Like if kill would work for a fainted pixelmon or catch work for catching one. Obtaining an item (like a badge) might be an easy action. I couldn’t find any existing plugins that included jobsets.


The kill action works for any entity that’s killed by a player. I’m not sure if a fainting pixelmon counts as a kill though. Same thing with catching one, I’m not sure if that triggers the catch action. I don’t have any experience with Pixelmon, so these are just guesses on my part. I’d recommend adding a few pixelmon to the mobs set and seeing if you get anything when they faint.