🏆 AdventureMMO [v2.0.7] [API 4/5/6]


The long awaited release of the new code is finally there, v2.0.1!
Everything was remade from scratch. It should be a lot better and a lot faster now.
It has a few features missing (Fishing Ability, Farming Ability) mostly because im unsure what to do with them. Let me know what you guys think i should do with them.


The issue I had with the previous one was how limited the customizability is. I'd like to disable or at least lower certain skills power and loot. Is it possible to disable a certain loot from dropping from excavation and fishing? Like, i dont want players to get dragon eggs or nether stars - is it possible to disable that?


Yes it is. You can disable entire skills, but you can also edit the excavation and fishing loot table in the config


Version 2.0.2 is out now. Now the only thing left to make is the farming ability (Green Thumbs)

* Added fishing loot
* Added fishing Double Drop
* Added Fish Frenzy Ability
* Added personal Action Bar setting
* Added AdventureMMOService
* Many tweaks and fixes


Reason I had to quit using the old version was cause players weren't able to move items in their inventory, Is that still a thing in this new version? if that was a bug regarding this plugin
yes it was fixed when I removed this plugin


That bug is no longer an issue, because the new code uses a totally different way of handling that.


Alright thank you, will add to server next monday ^_^ hopefully some more updates till then
Thanks for working on this again


I just released a new version, that includes bStats Metrics.


Another update: v2.0.4
* Added admin commands (/mmoadmin reload/set/view)
* Fixed Double Drops
* Added the last ability that i still had to make, Green Thumbs (Farming ability)


In the new itemdata.conf there's what seems to be an extra field I don't get the purpose of.


What does the shovel argument denote?
The tool that must be used to break it?
Does this mean that by default it isn't the most expedient breaker for each block?


That is not supposed to be there. It used to be the tool that must break the block, but i got rid of it.


Another query ^_^

Farming doesn't seem to increase for me when I break carrots.
They're listed in the config as the entity carrots, rather than carrot if that's potentially at fault.

I also don't get anything when adding in apricorns, in this manner:



Ill test the carrots and make an edit on this post when i did. For the apricorn trees, you only gain exp when breaking blocks, so harvesting apricorns wouldnt give you any exp. I might at one point make this possible, but im not sure about that.

EDIT: You are right, all placed crops dont work right at the moment. What should be happening is when placing blocks, the block is marked, so that the block doenst give any exp when harvesting. When a crops grown, the marker is deleted, but that parts doesnt seem to work. Will be fixed in v2.0.5. Thanks for your feedback. :slight_smile:

EDIT2: It appears that this bug is not my fault, but sponges. Any way i try, i can not get ChangeBlockEvent.Grow to work, it is never posted.


Version 2.0.5 is out now!
Sadly this version does not contain a fix for the farming exp bug yet, because its more of a sponge error than anything else. It does contain a lot of fixes around the Super Tools from Mad Miner, Giga Drill and Fish Frenzy.
I also added some stuff in preparation of adding MySQL support.


Could you please add a way to disable active skills properly? I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out how to do it at the moment. And maybe it's an idea to add permissions for all skills/abilities, so that we can disable/enable them for different permission groups.


An update is coming that includes all of this. Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:


Perfect! Thanks for the quick response. Any estimate on when that update might be released?

Also, I've had a little issue on my server, we suspect it's being caused by your plugin since it's stopped when we took it out, but we can't seem to figure out what exactly is happening.
Often, after we use an active skill, and we open our inventory to move something, the tool we used in the active skill disappears. Relogging doesn't work, and the console doesn't show anything either.
This is actually why I asked for the permissions to disable those skills, but just asking about this issue might've been a better idea. I hope you know something about this, and if not, oh well, no damage done.

Anyway, keep up the awesome plugin. I'm so happy you decided to make a plugin like this for Sponge. :smiley:


I just released the new version, v2.0.6!

Before updating, delete your old adventuremmo/config.conf file.
* More config options.
* Improved Super Tool system.
* Added .jar file for each API version.


Oh wow, that's ridiculously fast. Amazing!


Sorry if this is a dumb question...I am pretty new to server administration. This plugin is very exciting to me. I went to download the jar and say there are 3 of them for the latest build. Does this mean I need to install all 3 of them or just the one with the highest number? Thanks for your help and thanks for making such a cool plugin!