🏆 AdventureMMO [v2.0.7] [API 4/5/6]


Are there any errors in console?
Are you sure you downloaded the right version?


well i just meant the skills here. there are already mods that add magic age items like you where thinking but they require clients to also have the mod installed, server side only plugin like this have to work with existing vanilla resources so skills and maybe some particle effects is all you can really ask for. so far is pretty awesome though


Yes I believe I have the newest version. There's no errors that I can tell.


Can you tell me what works and what doesnt, try the commands, any abilities, (right-click with an axe), the config files generation, and anything else yoy can think of?


As I said the commands work but they all say that the skills are 0.
The config files do not appear to have generated, unless I'm looking in the wrong place.
Using tools and weapons does not appear to grant skill ups, even after hours of mining.

I should note that I'm using a mod called Levels


Can you see the messages that the plugin gives on startup? If so, which ones does it give?
The mod shouldnt matter.
Also try to update your sponge.


He is not the only one, I also receive such things, even made an issue, here it is

No configs are generated at all, only the menu in game with names, no lvls are upping, no admin commands are working, smthing is wrong right there


Off topic but I have to ask now, what texture pack is that?


im getting this error in my console


modern hd, my fav :stuck_out_tongue:


I have found the source of the problem, an update will come in the next 10 minutes or so.


Okey, the update with the fix is out.


That was fast btw


ppl are reporting that they gain Farming and Woodcutting exp just by standing still doing nothing


What... That is weird, ill check it out
Oh i think i know why, i will do some tests once i get home.


possible to make a config option to disable the "lvling sound and visuals" when lvling a skill?
or even better, make it a command so the players them self chose to turn it off/on.

wanted to add:
Tested Giga Drill:
When i used the skill Giga Drill and ur shovel have low durability, it will break under the effect when using the skill.
After the skill have finished the shovel will return to ur hand with same low durability as before u used the skill.


Awesome plugin, plenty of happy players using this. Adds a whole new experience to the game; I've missed McMMO quite a lot.

I'd love to see some form of scoreboard display which could be toggled on or off, or possibly integration with the "EasyScoreBoards" plugin!

Also, will we get support to disable certain skills completely? For example, if I wanted to use the standard Nucleus /repair.


I think will work on this soon.

Will be fixed in an update in the next few says.

I think i will add this as well.

I will also add this is the next update.


Thank you for the quick fix. It's working on my server now and everyone seems to be enjoying it so far.


Awesome! I look forward to it.