Universe Guard 2: an easy to use world protection plugin


Hi, I’m trying to set up permissions for this plugin for my server but i can’t seem to find them.

Does this plugin have Permissions?


Hey, it’s me once again :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry but I have an issue when i’m trying to sell my region, I tried /rg sell, /sell region, /region sell… I’m on 1.12.2 but the command doesn’t appear anywhere, and no errors in my logs.

Can I ask u at the same time for which date is the addition of the addon for selling regions with signs etc ?

Thank’s in advance, and sorry for taking ur time !


Right now there are only 2 permissions you can set (“universeguard.region” and “universeguard.all”). Unfortunately these two are not extremely useful, they just defines if a player can use all commands or some specific commands and bypass region restrictions. However a new version of the plugin is in development with a proper permission system where you can define wich permission the user must have in order to run a command or doing something, so you can have something like this: only players with the “VIP” permission can enter this specific region, the others won’t.
Answering @D3stiny’s question too here: no clue when this will be released because the plugin itself is going through a complete refactoring in order to make new things works properly (like the permissions system). For the command try with “/rg setvalue”


" You are correct and if your goal is to make some “plots” in your world that player can buy and sell, well… UniverseGuard already does it :wink: /rg setvalue and /rg buy are the commands you may want to take a look."

I tried, with the latest version (1.12.2, as mentionned on the wiki) but the command isn’t recognized… And by the can we sell regions with money and not items ? (With the money API from sponge itself)

Thank’s in advance !